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BCI Batting Cages

Since 1991, Batting Cages Inc. has been delivering batting cages to thousands of customers across the country. What started out as a family-owned business in Everson, Washington, has grown into one of the country’s largest batting cage suppliers.

With over 30 years of experience, BCI’s craftsmen have perfected their line of batting cages and have sold equipment to MLB teams like the San Diego Padres, college programs including the Texas Longhorns, and thousands of high schools.

Not only does BCI make cages for teams or commercial use, but they also produce small-scale cages perfect for individuals in a backyard or local park.

Whether you are an individual ballplayer, a softball or baseball team, or a commercial venture offering batting cage services, a BCI batting cage can take your hitting game to the next level.

Best Selling BCI Batting Cages

The Mastodon™ Commercial Batting Cage System is great for both teams and commercial ventures. It comes in 8 different dimensions, so you can find the perfect size for your facilities.

The Mastodon cage is built with top-quality structural steel pipes, and it has a corrosion-resistant coating to ensure that the cage can withstand all types of inclement weather. The cage is also designed with a cable tensioning system that will hang properly without significant sag, and it can all be set up without specialized tools.

With this cage system, multiple batters can safely practice at once, and your players will be getting the time they need to improve their game.

For individuals looking for even more batting time or school teams looking for an inexpensive, small-scale batting cage solution, BCI also sells batting cage equipment for one-hitters.

The Free Standing Batting Cage Package is designed for backyard and residential use, and it can also be deployed at any baseball facility. The netting and cage are designed in a trapezoid shape, making this cage easy to set up, take down, and move to the next place you are going to practice.

The cage also comes with a free L-screen from BCI, making it an affordable option for a family or a baseball/softball program on a budget looking to expand its batting cage facilities.

Batting Cages for Teams, Facilities, and Individuals

A batting cage is a necessity to get a baseball or softball team the repetitions to improve their hitting on a continual basis. But BCI has several designs for batting cages, some with teams in mind and others specifically designed for one batter at a time.