Enduro Outfield Fencing Kits

Enduro Portable Fencing Packages for Baseball and Softball Fields

Easily turn any field into a baseball or softball field with the Enduro Fencing packages. The Enduro fencing features an easy to use design, allowing you to quickly setup and break down the fencing with ease. Use it for a single game, or leave it up all season, either way the fence will remain standing strong. 

Each Enduro fencing package comes with vertical support poles for each 10' of fencing, ensuring that your fence will stand stable. Simply slide the support poles through the fencing pockets and drive the poles into the ground with a rubber mallet and your fence is setup.

This quick and simple setup is what makes this portable outfield baseball fence such a popular option among schools and parks all over the country! 

The Enduro comes in complete package kits that include fencing, poles and everything else you need to get set up. The Enduro portable baseball fencing systems come in different sizes, 50', 150', 200' or 300'!

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