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Mechanical Pitching Machines

Mechanical Pitching Machines

Young hitters need all the batting practice they can get, but electric pitching machines can run a hefty price tag. For those that are looking for a new and efficient way to practice their swing without the big price tag, a mechanical pitching machine is the way to go. 

While traditional pitching machines can be heavy and difficult to transport, mechanical pitching machines can deliver accurate pitches with minimal hassle. It can save a coach’s arm and be operated by adults who do not know how to pitch.

This is ideal for youth baseball or softball players, and just like electric pitching machines, they can also be used to simulate fly balls and grounders.

The best mechanical pitching machine supplier on the market is a household name that everyone knows; Louisville Slugger. The Louisville Slugger pitching machines have received authorization for use in youth leagues across the country, so parents and coaches can be sure that their players are training with a quality product.

Louisville Slugger’s mechanical pitching machines come in two models: Blue Flame and Black FlameThe Blue Flame can pitch baseballs or softballs at speeds from 18-45 mph and weighs only 30 pounds, making it easy to transport and move around for different drills.

The Black Flame is slightly larger can pitch balls faster - up to 60 mph. With the extra size also comes the ability to throw farther fly balls with a new throwing arm attachment. The Black Flame mechanical pitching machine is also the official pitching machine of the Babe Ruth League and Pony Baseball and Softball.

Both machines have adjustable speed settings, so coaches and parents can regulate how fast the pitches are thrown.

Both these Louisville Slugger products are an exceptional example of high-quality mechanical pitching machines. With minimal setup and considerably less fuss than an electric machine, you’ll be up and running as soon as you get a mechanical pitching machine out of the box.

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