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Baseball Field Line Striping Machines by Newstripe

Newstripe is one of the leading American manufacturers of equipment for athletic field paint sprayers and striping. Based out of Aurora, Colorado, Newstripe has been selling high-quality striping machines and line markers since 1981.

Newstripe offers a variety of equipment that meets the needs of thousands of customers when it comes to marking athletic fields and pavement. In order to stripe, mark and maintain fields, regular work and maintenance is needed.

Groundskeepers have an arsenal of tools to do this work and Newstripe machines truly make a difference in improving field quality with little hassle.

We’ll talk about some of Newstripe’s strong points and recommend some of their top products (and some of our personal favorites) for line striping baseball fields.

What Striping Machine Is Best For My Baseball Field? 

Proper striping takes a field to a whole different level, and this level of detail and maintenance is a must if you’re looking after baseball fields. With a high-quality striping machine, you can give players and fans the quintessential American baseball experience.

Without a striping machine, painting and maintaining lines can be a huge hassle that takes considerable time. But an airless striping machine will do the heavy lifting and provide consistent, strong lines.

Newstripe has two very popular airless striping machines. The smaller model is the Airless Striping Machine 4250, which weighs only 105 pounds.

Due to its light weight, it’s easier to maneuver than heavier machines, but it still delivers consistent stripes. It has 10-inch pneumatic tires, so you can use it on rough and uneven surfaces while still getting a straight stripe.

It also has a fully adjustable pump pressure that goes up to 3,000 psi for increased accuracy. Additionally, the five-gallon paint pail will be sufficient to stripe any field.

Newstripe also has a slightly larger model called the Airless Striping Machine 4400. It has all the same features as the smaller model including the ability to stripe 2-6 inch lines.

The 4400 model is at a slightly higher price point since it has a more powerful engine and is bulkier. While it is heavier, you will be able to do striping jobs faster with the increased engine capacity.

Or for those on a budget, we also carry more affordable equipment that can mark athletic fields. If you don’t need professional-looking lines or your lines only need to be temporary, you can simply mark the field with chalk.

Newstripe’s best chalker is the New Liner Heavy Duty Dry Line Marker. It comes at an affordable price, but it still has the world-class design of a Newstripe product.

The key to finding the best line striping machine for your baseball or athletic field is due diligence and correct information. If you need any additional help or have any specific questions about line striping machines for baseball fields, feel free to email us at or give us a call at (888) 466-0009.