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Baseball Mound Covers and Tarps

For any baseball field manager or groundskeeper, maintaining the pitcher's mound is crucial for game readiness and player performance. This is where pitching mound tarps and mound covers come into play. Designed to protect and preserve the pitching mound, these spot covers are an indispensable tool for any baseball field.

Similar to infield tarps, a mound tarp serves two purposes. First, they are crucial for moisture management. By keeping the mound covered, the tarp helps maintain the optimal moisture levels in the soil and clay. This is essential because the right moisture content helps keep the mound firm yet pliable, ensuring it is in perfect condition for game day. Without proper moisture, the clay can become too hard and slippery or too soft and malleable, both of which can negatively impact a pitcher's performance.

Second, these covers protect the mound from the elements, particularly rain. Rain can severely damage a pitching mound, causing erosion and making the surface uneven and unsafe. By using tarps to cover the mound, you prevent water from pooling and seeping into the clay, thus preserving the mound’s integrity and playability. This protection is not only critical between games but also during off-seasons or after daily practices.

Investing in a high-quality pitching mound tarp is investing in the longevity and usability of your baseball field. High quality covers and tarps are designed to be easy to deploy and secure, often coming with a weighted hem to ensure they stay in place even in high winds. These are known as weighted baseball mound covers and tarps. Moreover, the materials used in high-grade tarps and pitching mound covers are durable, weather-resistant, and UV-stabilized to withstand the harsh conditions they are exposed to throughout the year.

How to Pick the Right Tarp for Your Pitching Mounds

When determining the size of the spot cover you need, we recommend going big. Example: if your pitching mound area is 18' in diameter, try going with the 20' option. This will ensure water doesn't seep onto the mound and damage the soil. 

Recommended Mound Covers and Tarps

Field Saver Baseball Spot Cover - Vinyl (Weighted Hem)

Field Saver Weighted Baseball Mound Cover with Weighted Hem

Though we have many tarps to choose from, there are a few standout options that we recommend to you. Our most popular choice is our Field Saver Baseball Mound Cover with a weighted hem. The additional weight around the hem prevents it from moving during windy and rainy days. This pitching mound cover is made with vinyl and is available in 14 different colors and multiple different sizes, making it a great option for all levels of play. It can also be used for home plate!

Field Saver Baseball Spot Cover - Vinyl (Grommet Hem)

Field Saver Pitching Mound Tarp with a grommeted hem

For a more affordable option to protect your field, we have the Field Saver spot cover with a grommeted hem. The grommet hem allows for stakes to be used to secure the cover in place, protecting it from wind. This cover is also available in 14 different colors and multiple different sizes! You can also opt to use sandbags to keep the cover in place.

Whether you're protecting a dirt mound or a temporary pitching mound, a tarp is a must have. For any team or field looking to maintain a professional-standard pitch, a baseball pitching mound tarp is not just an accessory but a necessity. It ensures that your mound remains game ready, thereby preventing game delays and ensuring that players can perform at their best. Whether it's during the intense competition season or the quiet growth of the off-season, a reliable baseball pitching mound cover keeps your field game-ready and your players happy and safe. Have any questions? Call us at (888) 466-0009 to order now! Free shipping on all pitching mound tarps!