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Great for the Little Leaguer in the family.

Whole team learned on it. Great machine for practice.

great machine great value

I was impressed with the quality of the machine and its versatile uses. I searched online for many machines, but I could not find any of this type. I was so impressed I made a video and am sharing with my friends as a good affordable option to get your softball girls practicing round the clock. I recommend this product.

NICE Machine - Pitches Good

The machine it self is fine. As far as the stand it sits on !!! The stand could use ALOT of improvement. It is very unstable as far as when the ball is pitched. The machine itself jumps from the pitch. Going to find a way to make a stand that is stable. Other than that -- It is worth the money..... I would purchase this machine again.

This item worked great for our homemade batting cage. We used metal post and zip ties. This company was great about answering my questions about the product being in stock before I ordered it. It was not at the time and they checked on the restock time while I was on the phone with customer service. I decided to go ahead and purchase it. They kept me informed regular on the products statis.


Can not thank the staff at Anytime Baseball Supply for the help in purchasing these machines for our Baseball and Softball Leagues. They work amazing and do not have to be adjusted after every pitch! Gonna be a smooth season!

Very nice mound

So far so good. Grandsons really like the mound! Delivery time of about 5 weeks was longer then wanted but I was informed when ordering. Appears to be very well constructed. Time will tell!

Big play for little sluggers

This is a nice little machine. Don't imagine that it is like a commercial or professional model. It is small and plastic and pitches with location and speed variation (not on purpose). I was worried about using real baseball as there were some negative comments but we've found that the little league baseballs from Dick's fire out just fine. I did also get a dozen of the yellow lite balls and I mix them with regular balls for increased focus and because those balls are made for the machine. Real baseballs will be scuffed and any ink sprained by the rubber wheel that ejects the balls. We don't have the biggest backyard so a 20' cage and a pitching machine gave my little leaguer a good workout. If you change the speed you will have to change the machine angle (physics!) but it's pretty easy to adjust to and we couldn't go higher than 6 and settled on 4 as the average LL pitch speed. Haven't gotten to take advantage of using it for pop-ups and grounders but expect it to save dad's shoulder for time to come.

Perfect pitching machine

This machine is perfect for youth (our son is 12) & up players. Finally had a nice day yesterday & was able to set it up. Our son loves it! Great for hitting, bunting & fielding. Worth every penny! We will be back to purchase more items from Anytime Baseball!

Made in China

Ordered three for the local little league. Weld on the wheel of one of the units broke upon first use. Reached out for a replacement unit which is currently in route so customer service was quick to respond. Another unit has a broken adjustment rod after first use. Minor in nature and can be fixed. Functionality otherwise, the United performed as expected. Just expected a little better quality for the price.

This is a great machine. I had a two wheel for 8 years. My son's high school team purchased the junior this year and this is all he has been talking about. They have the senior but, he perfers the junior. It is light weight to be portable and it really controls the ball well with all pitches. I should have followed my mine eight years ago and went with this unit. Take my advice. If money is not an issue; you will be money ahead and your player will be much happier.

A bit pricey, but it’s easy to move and the boys like it’s stability.

Great mat!

We have a practice facility with turf and we were using the mounds with rubber on the bottom. The pitchers would be consistently adjusting them. When they started using the spiked mat they never adjusted it. Multiple teams have said the same thing as well that use our facility. We have not tried them on dirt.

Still Waiting

I have not received my Hack Attack Pitching Machine (it was ordered February 10, 2022, today is April 20, 2022). After countless delays, lost orders by freight carriers, reorders to the company. I'm still not sure when this product will arrive. Lack of communication, and no concrete answers have made this tough to swallow.

Great Machine

It’s everything they said it is and more!! Got it for high school kids, they love it

Perfect for Hack Attack jr!!

We were abke to get a 70mph riseball with this an a hack attack jr!! These work great!!

Heater Deuce 95 pitching machine

Used a bunch of times and seems to be inconsistent. Have followed all set up instructions and recently purchased the Fireball brand baseballs. Maybe needs some more use with these baseballs before pitches are more consistent

Heater brand baseballs

The Heater brand baseballs do not work well with the Heater Sports Deuce 95 pitching machine. They get scuffed up, the leather will peel, and the seams will fray. Better choice would be the dimpled baseballs or the Fireball brand baseballs.

Great machine! Softballs legs not so great

This machine is awesome! I have boy and girls so I bought the combo legs. Only issue I have is the sofball legs do not lock in at all! I've tightened them plenty but being on a angle they still roll and come out. That is not the case with base legs they lock on great. In thinking about drilling and pinning the sofball legs so they can't move. Other than that the machine is awesome my kids love it!

Worst company I’ve ever dealt with.

Worst company I’ve ever dealt with.
I ordered a 70 foot cage they only sent me parts of a 35’ cage .And they never ordered the net, they said they had to custom make it and it would be several weeks before I got it. Canceled my order with the net went with somebody else had it in 24 hours. My recommendations don’t ever use this company.

very nice addition to our cage

our guys love the way the jr hack attack operates. very easy to set up and adjust. we use it to see multiple speeds and pitches within the practice. They liked it so much that I bought another one (slightly used) one a week later from an individual.

The Heater Big League Drop Toss machine simply works, as it was expected to. Only comment is that it needs a little tinkering so the last ball would drop. On the initial assembly, all the balls would fall except the last one. Other than that, it serves it's purpose in getting a little batting practice done even if you're alone.

Great Purchase

Works great - very happy with purchase.


Excellent balls for the Hack Attack 3 Wheel pitching machine and the players

Not sure how to rate this

I'm not happy with the legs already set it up and the legs are bowing.. not sure how it's gonna last.. but what sucks is the auto feeders cord is a 1/2 inch to short? This is the second thing I bought in the last month that they shorted me on the cord.. so dumb.. but we will see how long this thing lasts..

Great machine

I have had this machine for almost1 yer now. It’s the perfect machine to teach batting mechanics. It is not super heavy duty but it is defiantly not a toy. I use it w my 6 and 8 year olds all the time for batting practice and they love it. Works best with foam style practice balls (light flight). Doesn’t work so well with regulation weight dimple balls. I brought it to my little league practice for pop-up drills and it’s a little under powered for that unless I use the foam balls. For that reason alone I am looking to upgrade to a bigger machine, but will continue to use H Jr for years.

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