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Hack Attack Junior

Perfect for our Cage Academy program

Underpowered or Defective? - Do Not Recommend

Used for the first time today and severely disappointed. Spent a couple of hours testing with my son. This thing is supposed to throw pitches at 95 mph, but won't throw the ball more than 40 feet, so how are you supposed to hit at that speed when the "pitcher" has to be right in your face? I bought a long batting cage to allow room to simulate a real batting experience, but most of the length is wasted. Either this particular item is defective or this machine is severely underpowered. Something is definitely not right with it. Yes, I made sure the tire pressure was set prior to testing. It is also not very accurate. Have it adjusted to throw straight fast balls, but they are all over the place. My 13 year old son is already frustrated with it and I expect that he won't be excited to use it anymore. Perhaps it is the balls I purchased to use in it, but ahem ... those were recommended by the website during the purchase, so I assumed they should work and the dimpled ball that came with it isn't thrown accurately either. I really want to return it and get a pitching machine that works. This one was a waste of money! Hard to believe some of these other reviews are real based on my experience.

Nightmare to Set Up

Putting this thing together was a nightmare. Poorly constructed parts means nothing that is supposed to fit together does and the extremely minimal instructions don't help either. Once set up, it is a working batting cage, so it has that going for it. I would NEVER ever, ever buy this thing again and don't recommend to anyone else either. Of course, I haven't tried others, so this may be good for the price. It was just really tough to set up. It took me about 10 hours over three days to get done. Initially, it took a couple of hours to assemble the cables, which were severely frayed, by the way. I got cut multiple times trying to assemble and move them around. After getting through that mess, you have to put the arch tops together and this is the true nightmare. The pipes are supposed to fit together, one inside the other with a button to secure them, but none of them went in smoothly. I had to slam them against a rock to get them seated. Needless to say, if you mess up, you are not getting them apart, so you'd better be sure you get it right the first time. The legs are the same way. The pipes do not fit together and I had to use the rock method again. Putting the legs in the stakes is also difficult. The instructions say to make sure the legs are vertical, then put the stake in the ground and then insert the leg into the stake, but that is impossible, so you have to insert the legs into the stakes before placing the stakes in the ground, but the stakes are angled, which I understand, but that makes it difficult to insert the stake into the ground while ensuring the legs remain vertical. It was a constant struggle, right up to the end. Also, once I finished, I realized that some of the cables were too long and didn't keep tension between the arches. If you do purchase this, I would recommend that you make sure the turnbuckles are open all the way prior to raising the arches so you have plenty room for adjustment. The instructions don't mention this at all. As I mentioned earlier, they are minimal, probably the least helpful and the minimum they could get away with while still calling them instructions.


Nice product

My kid 14 barely. We had another drop down soft toss that we had to constantly keep plugged in. This one helps somewhat better with timing as it’s a long drop. We use multiple balls like tennis balls and wiffle balls. Some slide off the rack but I don’t mind that as I want to see how he takes a pitch. This runs on battery and is very good.

Great purchase!

Quality product! Works well!!

Wrong color padding, upside down logo, missing hardware.

Still waiting on the correct color padding. We confirmed it would be navy blue padding before ordering this model. And we received black padding. Recent emails requesting to correct have gone unaddressed. Where communication previous to was fairly responsive.
The JayPro logo was applied upside down on the wheel mount. And the hardware was missing two bolts as well.

I hack pitching

The price was right, the product was good, and customer service was pretty decent. But the shipping took forever. Literally waited over a month to get my machine.

Return policy

The catcher's bag is very nice product. Unfortunately I need to return it because of miscommunication in the family and ended up with two. I know there's restock fees but when I asked for a return address to estimate my mailing charges I was told I couldn't have it until I committed to a manager that I was returning the bag. Pretty crazy! I'm not sure I would recommend solely on your return policies. I have a right to know return costs BEFORE I decide what I want to do.


Super fast shipping. Easy to order and very helpful.

Bownet catchers bag

Just what my son was looking for! Plenty of room for all his equipment plus more!

New Bag

Best bag so far to hold catcher and regular gear

Worth every penny

Had it up and complete in an hour or a little more. Very pleased with the quality

Not sure

When I opened the box I was concerned because the instructions said 85 Heater not 95. Setup and tested tire pressure and began to load baseballs. This thing eats baseballs! When running balls though a cloud of white dust shoots out. So I switched to dimple balls and they were getting scuffed. I was thinking it was do to new wheels and maybe need to run a few sets of balls ( all balls I put though are Rawlings leather balls) but no still getting severely scuffed when pitching. It seems to only throw curveballs probably caused but what ever is scuffing balls. Also trying to get radar gun to test speed as it looks to only by throwing 75 mph. I can not recommend this until I get answers on speed and what’s eating balls.

Top Notch

Bag is as expected. Customer service and speed on delivery was spot on!

Sturdy product, seems like it will last

We just started using the mound but so far the kids are liking it. It seems very well built and is solid. It is also heavy! Be prepared to get a cart or something to help move it around.

So far very satisfied with my lobster.

Best mound my team has used

Great machine

Great product and good service. Will do business again if necessary.

Spinball Wizard

So far I am very pleased with the performance of the spinball wizard 2 wheel pitching machine.

Great way to practice batting

I bought this for my 11 year old son and we absolutely love. I love that fact that I don't have to throw 20 pitches just to get a couple in the strike zone. The machine will pitch more actuate pitches for him to practice his batting and he doesn't waste too much time on bad pitches. We've even taken it to the local baseball field to be able to throw faster pitches from a further distance and as long as I have a long enough extension cord, it worked perfectly. The only thing is, if you throw the pitches too slow, you'll have to angle the pitching machine up to be able to reach the batter and that will affect how the baseballs load from the hopper. The up angle prevents the balls from just dropping into the machine, so I have to stand next to it to help manually feed. Other than that, the loader works perfect for faster pitches. I see this machine helping him even until he's in high school.

Works perfect in the backyard

Bought the Power Alley 22 ft. backyard batting cage a little less than a month ago. Took about 2 hours to put it up and we've been loving it since. It definitely is a two person job to get the net over the fiber glass frame. It already has one small hole but that was easily remedied by taking some nylon string and tying it across the hole. You probably don't want the net too taunt to help prevent holes being made with the baseballs. The slack in the net allows it to slow down the ball without ripping the net. We've had the net up ever since assembling it. The weather has cooperated that we haven't had to take it down due to severe storms. I imagine you can take down one side of the fiber glass poles from the stake in the ground with the net over it and simply lay it on the ground to protect it from the high winds. I love the fact my son can practice batting in the backyard without having to worry about him hitting the ball into the neighbor's pane glass windows. If you have a small yard like we do, you'll want to set it up where you can get a lawnmower between the poles and any structure in your yard.

Town of Wiggins

Works great did the job in half the time.

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