bata 2 pitching machine right side view with wheels
bata 2 pitching machine front view
bata 2 pitching machine right side view
bata 2 pitching machine back view
bata 2 pitching machine left side view
bata 2 pitching machine left side view with wheels

Bata-2 Pitching Machine For Baseball And Softball

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Bata-2 Pitching Machine For Baseball, Softball, Or Combo Machine

Bata 2 Pitching Machine For Baseball And Softball

Play Like A Pro

The preferred choice of many major league baseball teams, the BATA-2 pitching machine is truly the top of its class. With the capabilities of throwing breaking balls and fastballs up to 100 MPH, this machine is no joke! With variable speed control, you can throw pitches anywhere from 25 MPH up to 100 MPH. This feature will keep the batter guessing, just like in the real game! The BATA-2 can throw either baseballs or softballs, or throw both with the purchase of the BATA-2 combo machine! The BATA-2 features a Goodyear pitching tire for maximum quality and longevity.

Quality And Integrity

This machine stands strongly on steel legs and is backed by a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, so you can be count on it to last many seasons to come. The BATA-2 is easily assembled and can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. Just plug it in and play ball!

Pitching Machine Control

 Just adjust the dials on the pitching machine to change the speed of the pitching machine wheels. This allows you to have control over the pitch speed and pitch type. The options are unlimited! 

Pitching Machine Features

  • Pitches 25-100 MPH
  • Used by major league baseball teams
  • Throws real or dimpled balls
  • Available for baseball, softball, or combo
  • Throws breaking balls and fastballs
  • Solid Goodyear pitching wheel
  • Solid steel frame
  • 3 Way Swivel head
  • Throws grounders and pop flies
  • Plugs into standard 110 AC wall outlets
  • Durable and Portable
  • Compatible with BATA transport kit
  • Push pin locks on legs
  • Weighs 98 pounds
  • 10 year limited warranty
Bata 2 Pitching Machine For Baseball And Softball Diagram

Infield And Outfield Drills

The BATA-2 features a 3 way swivel head that allow it to do infield and outfield drills. Tilt the machine down and field some grounders. Tilt the machine up and practice you outfield pop fly fielding!


Watch the BATA-2 in action! 

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