BATCO Collapsible Batting Cage / Hitting Turtle
BATCO Collapsible Batting Cage / Hitting Turtle Assembled
BATCO Collapsible Batting Cage / Hitting Turtle Collapsed
BATCO Collapsible Batting Cage / Hitting Turtle Indoors

BATCO Collapsible Batting Cage / Hitting Turtle

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Collapsible Hitting Turtle

Introducing the BATCO collapsible hitting turtle, a tried-and-tested on-field system specifically designed to cater to improve batting practice efficiency. With this collapsible hitting turtle, you will reduce time spent retrieving balls and maximize actual practice time for players.

Featuring an easy-to-assemble design, the BATCO hitting turtle can be quickly set up on any surface and positioned anywhere in the outfield or expanded at home plate. And with only four people needed for setup or takedown, it's a breeze to maneuver and store.

The BATCO Benefits

  • Provides a safe and contained space for hitting and practicing all kinds of drills without worrying about foul balls and pop-ups
  • Portable design allows for easy positioning anywhere on the field, making it convenient for players to practice in different areas
  • No messy wires, stakes, or carbines to deal with, providing a hassle-free experience
  • Maximize practice time by decreasing setup time and amount of time spent retrieving balls
  • Extremely durable design that provides superior stability compared to other similar cages on the market
  • Collapsible design requires less storage space, providing more space for other equipment

Collapsible Hitting Turtle Features

  • 3 different sizes available
  • Contain all foul balls and pop-ups, ensuring only fair balls go out onto the field
  • Extremely stable with locked-in braces and tension straps that provide superior 
  • Durable 2-inch steel tubing frame that is padded for additional safety and can withstand ball impacts without bending or warping.
  • High-quality #36 nylon netting treated to protect against UV ray deterioration.
  • Suitable for use in gymnasiums, field houses, or outdoors on the field.
  • Easy setup by opening the cage up to its full size, buckling the crossbar supports, maneuvering to the desired location, and locking it into place.