Diamond Pro Calcined Clay Drying Agent for Baseball Fields

Diamond Pro Calcined Clay Drying Agent for Baseball Fields

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Calcined Clay Drying Agent

Experience quick and effective field drying with our Calcined Clay. Specifically designed to rapidly dry puddles and muddy conditions, this product's fine gradation provides a larger surface area for faster field drying, reducing the risk of rain delays. Its non-stick properties and easy incorporation into the infield make it an ideal choice for improving safety and maintaining a professional-quality field.

When puddles do form, try to remove standing water as soon as possible to prevent the area from becoming saturated. Never push standing water with a rake or broom; this makes the low spot deeper. Use a puddle pump or foam cushion to soak up and remove excess water. Use drying agents sparingly. A little goes a long way when used properly.


  • Improves safety by reducing slippery conditions
  • Reduces rain delays with fast field drying capabilities
  • Reduces compaction for enhanced field performance
  • Incorporates well into the infield for seamless integration
  • Helps prevent rain-outs by maintaining playable conditions
  • Improves drainage for efficient water flow
  • Controls moisture levels for optimal field conditions
  • Will not compress or stick to cleats for hassle-free play
  • Creates a richly-colored, professional-quality field appearance
  • Each bag weighs 50 lbs, with 40 bags per pallet
  • Sold per pallet for convenient bulk purchasing