Cocoa Mat Drag for Baseball
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Cocoa Mat Drag for Baseball

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Cocoa Fiber Field Drag for Baseball

Achieve a flawlessly groomed infield with the Cocoa Mat Drag, the finishing drag that effortlessly glides across the infields. For decades, natural fiber cocoa mats have been the go-to choice for infield grooming, providing a highly professional finish without disrupting the soil or topdressing.

Whether pulled by hand, an infield tractor, or a grooming machine, this versatile drag delivers consistent results. You can enhance its performance by opting for the leveling bar, which effectively redistributes and levels any loose soil or topdressing prior to the drag's application. Ideal for fields with topdressing, the Cocoa Mat Drag guarantees a pristine playing surface.

Baseball Field Drag Features

  • Effortless gliding motion for a flawless infield
  • Maintains a professional finish without disturbing the soil or topdressing
  • Compatible with hand pulling, infield tractors, or grooming machines
  • Optional leveling bar for even results and soil management Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 6'W x 4'L
Cocoa Mat Drag for Baseball