Custom Premium Fence Rail & Post Pads

Custom Premium Fence Rail & Post Pads

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Custom Fence Rail & Post Pads

Enjoy our premium custom fence rail and post pads and enhance your field's safety and appearance. These all new fence and post pads are made with either 1" or 2" thick foam padding and wrapped in durable 18 oz. vinyl fabric. It features heavy-duty grommets every 6" to loop zip ties through to fasten down. This is our best looking and safest fence topper available.

Custom Premium Fence Rail & Post Pads

Fashionable & Functional

  • Enhanced Safety - The foam padding and vinyl covering offers safety for players and fans
  • Versatility - This custom padding will fit most fence tops and posts up to 2" in diameter. Can double as dugout padding.
  • Durable - 18 oz. vinyl covering protects your fence against heavy usage and the elements! 
  • Options to Fit Your Needs - Comes in 14 colors and either 1" or 2" foam to fit your needs and budget

Fence Padding Features

  • Length: Choose between 6' and 8' sections
  • Grommets 6" apart for lacing onto rail fits over rail up to 2" in diameter
  • 18 oz. fabric covering for the best durability
  • The 18 oz. vinyl covering