custom pro deck on deck circles close up in green background
custom pro deck on deck circles with sample design for warville warriors
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Custom Professional On-Deck Circles

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Custom On-Deck Circles

Enhance your baseball field with our Custom On-Deck Circle, ideal for increasing team spirit or sponsorship revenue. The durable 75 mil PVC surface cleans easily with soap and water, and includes Chroma-Bond digital imprinting. Choose between 4' and 5' sizes.

This On Deck circle features a mini coin pattern surface provides added traction, allowing batters' metal spikes to sink in securely. Give your players quality swings and a warm-up before stepping to the plate.

On Deck Circle Features

  • Easy maintenance: The super durable surface can be easily cleaned with soap and water, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine.
  • Customizable options: Use your own logo and lettering, as well as pick between 4' and 5' sizes to fit your specific field requirements and preferences.
  • Superior performance: Constructed with all-weather foam and a thick, flexible 75 mil PVC surface, it offers excellent protection for Chroma-Bond® Digital Imprinting and provides added traction for players' metal spikes, ensuring quality swings and player warm-up.

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*The file must be high-resolution or vector format, preferably .ai, .eps, or hi-res .pdf.