Beacon Backstop Wall System
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Defender Backstop Wall Padding System

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Defender Backstop Wall Padding System

Introducing the Beacon Defender Series Backstop Wall System & Woodless Backstop Pads — the ultimate solution to common backstop challenges. Our journey begins with customer needs, addressing issues like expensive brick or concrete walls and cumbersome pads. Our innovation delivers the total backstop fix.

Our Backstop Wall System is a smart answer, boasting a sturdy 3-foot high wall crafted from galvanized steel posts and powder-coated slide-over brackets. The addition of 2" x 12" treated lumber planks ensures reliability. Attachment points for netting and backside banners are seamlessly incorporated. Complement this with our Woodless Backstop Pads for a flawless solution. This modular design offers flexibility in sizing, catering to various levels of play. The clean, sleek look is sure to impress.

It’s designed for all levels of play, and you’ll definitely love the way it looks.

Backstop Padding Wall Features

  • Simple galvanized steel fence post structure
  • Powder-coated slide-over post brackets with cable guides
  • Direct net-to-wall connection
  • Full-length backside banner that can be digitally printed
  • Standard treated lumber planks (can be purchased locally)