Deluxe 6' x 12' Batting Mat Green
Deluxe 6' x 12' Batting Mat Clay
Deluxe 6' x 12' Batting Mat Green and Clay

Deluxe 6' x 12' Batting Mat

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Deluxe Nylon Batting Mat

Coming in both green and clay (terracotta) and sizes 6' x 12' and 7' x 12', the deluxe nylon batting mat is a great batting mat for any baseball field. This batting mat will help any batter and pitcher, righty or leftie, find the strike zone easier, and have an all around more efficient batting practice. Batting mats also greatly reduce wear and tear on the field and home plate. 

Batting Mat Features

  • Inlaid batter's box lines
  • Inlaid home plate
  • Easy to find the strike zone
  • Helps batters and pitchers practice more effectively
  • Reduce wear and tear on your home field during practice
  • Use for indoors or outdoors
  • Very durable nylon design
  • Spike resistant
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to set up - just roll it out and roll it back up when done!