Field Saver Baseball Infield Skin Tarps

Field Saver Baseball Infield Skin Tarps

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Field Saver 6 Oz. Polyethylene Skin Tarps for Baseball Fields

Shielding the vital skin (dirt areas) of your baseball field is paramount. Our FieldSaver skin tarps and baseline tarps provide excellent protection against moisture and rain, ensuring player safety and seamless gameplay. Designed with ease of use in mind, the baseball skin tarps come in sections with convenient plastic grip pull handles around the perimeter.

Enjoy fast fulfillment with our standard sizes available for baseball and little league, ready for quick shipment. Choose between two standard sizes: 60' Base Paths for Little League and 90' for Full-Size Baseball.

Complete your field setup by pairing them with our Spot Covers, covering home plate and the pitchers mound for a comprehensive package.

Field Saver Baseball Infield Skin Tarps

Skin Tarp Benefits

  • Easy to Handle: Plastic grip pull handles make handling a breeze
  • Two standard sizes: Available sizes for little league and regulation size base baths
  • Pair for Full Coverage: Pair with spot covers for full field coverage
  • In Stock: In stock and ready to ship fast

Infield Skin Tarp Features

  • Grommets at 10'-12' intervals
  • 6oz. Reinforced Polyethylene
  • Made in sections with perimeter handles for easier movement
  • 2 year pro-rated warranty