Foldable Batter's Box Template for Baseball

Foldable Batter's Box Template for Baseball

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Foldable Baseball Batter's Box Template

Introducing our high-quality batter's box template, a must-have tool for any groundskeeper looking to create a professional-looking playing surface on their baseball field. Made of lightweight aluminum material and designed to fit within the official dimensions of the batter's box, our template features pre-measured markings for consistent and accurate placement of the lines.

Easy to use and maintain, our batter's box template is an essential tool for anyone looking to save time and ensure precise dimensions of the batter's box on their baseball field. Select between our 3' x 6' option for Little League or 4' x 6' for collegiate and MLB use.

Batter's Box Template Features

  • Aluminum lightweight design that is foldable for easy transport & storage.
  • 2 different sizes are available 
  • Simply align the handle with home plate & press down on the template to leave a 2" pattern for chalking.

Foldable Batter's Box Template for Baseball