Heavy Duty Baseball Drag Mat - 6' x 4'

Heavy Duty Baseball Drag Mat - 6' x 4'

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Heavy Duty Baseball Field Drag - 6'6''W x 4'L

Introducing our heavy-duty steel drag mat, measuring 6'6"W x 4'L. Perfect for baseball field preparation and maintenance. Attach to a tractor for effortless infield grooming, providing a smooth playing surface. Durable galvanized steel mesh with a sturdy angle iron bar ensures optimal drag performance. Use before, after, or during games for impeccable playing conditions. Say goodbye to manual field maintenance!

Field Drag Features

  • Galvanized steel mesh construction for efficient dirt dragging and grooming, ensuring a smooth and even surface
  • Maintains infield baseline, pitcher's mound, batter's box, and home plate area
  • Suitable for pre and post-game use, as well as between innings
  • Front angle iron offers excellent dragging performance
  • Heavy-duty chain allows for quick and easy attachment to tractors and outdoor power equipment
  • Drag Mat Specifications

    • Material: Galvanized steel
    • Product Dimensions: 4 ft. (Length) x 6.6 ft. (Width)
    • Mesh: 3/8" x .050 galvanized steel
    • Includes heavy-duty angle iron across the front of the mat and a heavy-duty chain for tractor pulling