Infield Monster Baseball Field Drag Mat - 6' x 4'

Infield Monster Baseball Field Drag Mat - 6' x 4'

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Heavy Duty Monster Drag Mat

Introducing the Infield Monster Baseball Field Drag Mat - 6' x 4'. Keep your diamond pristine and game-ready with this simple yet essential tool. Easily groom the infield, batter's box, and pitcher's mound for a smooth, even playing surface.

The welded eye bolts and chain attachment make maintenance a breeze, ensuring quick and efficient field preparation between games and innings. Elevate your field's appearance and performance with this durable drag mat.

Drag Mat Features:

  • 0.5" x 0.06" mesh construction efficiently combs through field dirt
  • Drags and grooms dirt for a smooth and even playing surface
  • Versatile usage on baselines, batter's box, home plate area, and pitcher's mound
  • Sturdy 6-gauge welded connection rods prevent mat separation
  • Angled iron front with welded eye bolts for easy hand or equipment attachment, enabling rapid maintenance


  • Material: Steel Mesh
  • Product Size: 6' x 4'
  • Product Weight: 94 lb.