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Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine On The Field

Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine

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C-82 Arm Style Pitching Machine From Iron Mike / Master Pitch

The Iron Mike C-82 is a perfect arm-style pitching machine for any little league field or backyard setup! The C-82 is Iron Mike's most affordable pitching machine, designed for kids up to 14 years old. The C-82 will throw baseballs, softballs, and any polyballs.

The C-82 pitching machine is great for kids because the machine closely imitates the type of delivery from a real pitcher. An arm style pitching machine like the C-82 is the only type of machine that allows the same sense of timing from the delivery to the release of the pitch. This dramatically increases timing abilities and batting average for kids. Powered by a 115 volt and built with a solid steel frame, the C-82 is a great pitching machine for kids that will last many seasons to come!

C-82 Pitching Machine Features

  • Perfect for any Little League field or backyard 
  • Throws 20 - 60 MPH
  • Throws baseballs, softballs, and poly balls
  • Comes with a ball rack feeder that holds 25 baseballs or 20 softballs
  • Comes equipped with a 2-wheel transport system for portability
  • Lockable arm guard cover
  • 115 volt A.C. motor
  • 36" H x 20" W x 36" L
  • Not recommended for high school baseball or fast pitch softball programs
  • Made in the USA!
  • Weight 175 lbs.

Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine On The Field