Jr Hack Attack + Residential L-Screen Package Deal

Jr Hack Attack + L-Screen Package Deal

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Jr Hack Attack Pitching Machine + Baseball L-Screen Package (Save $250+)

The perfect Combo to Take Your BP and Safety to the Next Level

The Jr. Hack Attack pitching machine + L Screen package deal has everything you need to run a safe and efficient batting practice, either on the field on in the cages. Using this L Screen in tandem with your Jr Hack pitching machine will give you, a parent, or coach the peace of mind they need to run batting practice safely, protecting themselves as well as the pitching machines from line drives. 

We decided to offer these 2 products together as the Jr. Hack Attack is an all time favorite amongst customers and a best seller, used by middle schools, high schools, colleges and even some MLB teams across the country. This L Screen has been one of our best sellers for years now and has received great feedback from parents and coaches alike on the durability and affordability. 

With this package deal you have the opportunity and convenience to get exactly what you need at a lower price than ever seen before. Did we mention we offer free shipping on this package? What're you waiting for?! 

Jr Hack Attack + Residential L-Screen Package Deal

Why the Jr. Hack Attack? 

The Junior Hack Attack features a 3 wheel design with the ability to throw fastballs, and right and left handed breaking pitches including curveballs, sliders and split fingers, all at speeds of 70+ MPH. Changing the type of pitch to be thrown is as easy as changing the settings on the speed dials. With three different speed dials, you have unlimited control over the type of pitch being thrown. 

With a simple turn of the elevation adjustment crank handle, the height of the pitch release point can be raised or lowered. This makes changing the location of the pitch in the strike zone very easy in between pitches.

Features of the Jr. Hack Attack Pitching Machine

  • Throws fastballs, right and left handed breaking pitches including curveballs, sliders and split fingers, all at speeds of 70+ MPH
  • 5 second recovery time
  • 3 throwing wheel dials for maximum control over each pitch
  • Great accuracy and control with every pitch
  • Elevation crank allows easy adjustment of pitch release point
  • Pivot head design allows for infield and outfield drills
  • Fungo fly balls up to 250 feet
  • Front wheel guards ensure the throwing wheels never come in contact with ground (this ensures accuracy and maximum life span)
  • Can throw regulation leather balls, dimpled practice balls, wiffle balls, and other soft practice pitching machine balls. 

L-Screens Nets For Batting Practice and  Pitching Protection

You’ve seen them in the Home Run Derbies, but they’re not just for the big leagues. The L-Screen is a protective net that protects your players and coaches from hard-hit baseballs during batting practice.

Providing your players with the best training is crucial, and an L-Screen net will protect both your players and coaches when you are holding batting practice.

These l-screens can be used indoor and outdoor and are vital equipment for improving batting, pitching, and overall safety.

Since the screen may take a beating from line drives during batting practice, it is important to invest in a high-quality L Screen that will hold up over time. So, we will help you decide what L Screen is best for your baseball training needs.

L -  Screens Features 

  • Frame is made of 1 1/2 " 16 gauge powder coated steel
  • #42 twisted & knotted twine
  • Pillowcase style net
  • Easy to assemble
  • Optional frame wheels available

Replacement Nets Available