Marucci -10 Senior League CAT X Baseball Bat Horizontal and Diagonal View

Marucci -10 Senior League CAT X Baseball Bat

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 Marucci -10 Senior League CAT X Baseball Bat

Introducing the Marucci -10 Senior League CAT X Baseball Bat, a true game-changer for young sluggers! Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this bat is packed with features to elevate your performance on the field. The AZR Aluminum Composition and Multi-Variable Barrel Wall Design create a massive sweet spot and explosive hitting power. The patent-pending Liquid-Gel Anti-Vibration Knob reduces sting and vibration, ensuring a smooth and comfortable swing. Perfect for Senior League play, this bat with a -10 drop weight is designed to enhance your hitting prowess and take your game to the next level!

Baseball Bat Features

  • AZR Aluminum Composition for Maximum Performance
  • Multi-Variable Barrel Wall Design for a Massive Sweet Spot
  • Patent-Pending Liquid-Gel Anti-Vibration Knob for Comfortable Swings
  • Senior League -10 Drop Weight for Improved Bat Speed