Pitcher's Velocity & Command System - 9 Hole Pitching Net + Radar
Pitcher's Velocity & Command System - 9 Hole Pitching Net + Radar Red
Pitcher's Velocity & Command System - 9 Hole Pitching Net + Radar Blue

Pitcher's Velocity & Command System - 9 Hole Pitching Net + Radar

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No Hitter 9 Hole Pitching Net + Baseball Radar + Tripod  - Pitcher's Velocity & Command Training System

Pitcher's Velocity & Command System - 9 Hole Pitching Net + Radar

Introducing the ultimate training companion for pitchers! Our all-new Pitcher's Velocity and Command Training System combines the speed precision of the Ball Coach Radar with the location feedback of the No Hitter Net. This dynamic duo is a game-changer for pitchers aiming to master their craft. Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned pro, our package offers an unparalleled training experience.

No More Guessing - Get Instant and Accurate Feedback

With instant feedback on pitch accuracy from the No Hitter Net and detailed velocity tracking from the Ball Coach Radar, you're equipped to sharpen your pitching skills like never before. Get ready to pitch with confidence, refine your technique, and outperform your competition. This is more than just equipment; it's your new secret weapon on the road to pitching excellence.

Velocity and Accuracy Training System Benefits

  • Comprehensive Training Tool: Integrates speed tracking with accuracy training for complete pitching development.
  • Work on Velocity and Command: Improve your velocity and command with confidence with a full understanding of how your pitches are performing.
  • Instant Feedback: Allows pitchers to immediately assess and adjust their techniques.
  • Versatility in Training: Adaptable for various environments and pitching styles.
  • Increased Convenience: Eliminates the need for multiple training devices, combining two essential tools into one bundle.

9 Hole Pitching Net Benefits

  • 9 strategically placed holes to help give you instant feedback of pitching command
  • Each hole is a similar size to a catcher's mitt
  • No catcher, no problem - the No Hitter Net allows pitchers to practice by themselves
  • Portability that allows you to train wherever you go, whether you're at home, at the ballpark, or on the road
  • Simulates the feeling of pitching in a high-pressure game situation, helping you stay calm and focused on the mound

No Hitter Net Features

  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Built with 14 gauge galvanized steel
  • Adjustable leg height 
  • Industrial grade #60 netting 
  • Heavy Duty vinyl
  • 1 1/2" high impact foam padding
  • No assembly necessary

Baseball Radar Features

  • Accuracy: +/- 1 MPH (+/- 2 KPH)
  • Speed Range: 25-130 MPH (40-209 KPH)
  • Measurement Modes: Manual or Constant-On
  • Units of Measure: MPH, KPH
  • Recall Memory: 25
  • Memory Clear Function
  • Measurement Range: 120 feet on baseball or softball
  • Power Options: 2 AAA batteries
  • Battery Life in Manual Mode:
    >2,000 readings - High-Drain Alkaline batteries (included)
    >4,000 readings - NiMH rechargeable batteries (not included)
  • Battery Life in Constant-On Mode:
    >1 hour – High-Drain Alkaline batteries (included)
    >2 hours - NiMH rechargeable batteries (not included)
  • Weight (without batteries): 4 ounces
  • Warranty: 2 years

Tripod Bundle Features

  • Portable and ultra-rugged design for outdoor and indoor use
  • Tripod top (shoe) attaches directly to the universal mount accessory to attach to either sports radar
  • Tripod head tilts up to hold the radar vertical
  • Tripod center detaches for mobile operation as a mono-pod
  • Tripod Folded height is 22.5 inches (about 2 feet)
  • Tripod Maximum height is 69.5 inches (about 6 feet)
  • Tripod Includes a carrying case for storage and transport
  • Universal mount expands to fit around the radar or smartphone
  • Holds radar and phone to be mounted on a standard tripod
  • Holds radar and USB power pack to be mounted on a standard tripod
  • Mount stretches up to 3.5" when gripping devices
  • Grips the fence (backstop) and holds the radar
  • Free standing on a bucket or the hockey ice