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Pro Command Heavy Duty Pitching Target

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Pro Command Bullpen Pitching Target

Take your pitching skills to the next level with the revolutionary Pro Command Pitching Target. Designed to enhance a pitcher's hand-eye coordination, this realistic target is a game-changer. With perfectly located targets and intricate glove details, it offers unmatched visual feedback. Attach it to any soccer net, lacrosse goal, L-screen, or fence for versatile training options. Transporting is a breeze, thanks to its convenient size. Elevate your pitching game with the premier target on the market.

Pitching Trainer Features

  • Realistic pitching target for precise training
  • Actual size catcher with perfectly located targets
  • Detailed glove allows visibility of small lace or light
  • Flexible design attaches to various structures
  • Size: 39.5" x 44.25"
  • Portable and easy to transport

 Pro Command Heavy Duty Pitching Target Actual Product

Unmatched Performance

Experience the Pro Command Target, meticulously crafted by a professional pitching coach with three decades of expertise. This revolutionary training tool replicates the precise visual pitchers' encounter on the mound. Its actual-size catcher and strategically positioned targets ensure optimal success.

The catcher's mitts are thoughtfully designed to reveal subtle cues like a small lace or light passing through the web, enabling pitchers to aim small and miss small. Don't settle for anything less than hitting within the intended glove. Elevate your pitching accuracy with the Pro Command Target.