Pro Rigid Steel DragMat  for Infields
Pro Rigid Steel DragMat  for Infields Close Up View
Pro Rigid Steel DragMat  for Infields Used on Field
Pro Rigid Steel DragMat  for Infields Used By Two People

Pro Rigid Steel DragMat for Infields

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Professional Baseball Field Drag Mat

This Professional Rigid Steel Field Drag is the result of extensive testing and refinement by former Baltimore Orioles head groundskeeper Paul Zwaska. Its innovative design ensures speedy touch-ups between innings and efficient pre-game preparation.

The leading edge of the drag effectively levels surfaces, while the slightly angled rigid steel skims over the field without digging in, providing a smooth finish and minimal displacement of materials. This drag is specifically recommended for hand dragging applications and requires minor assembly. Elevate your field maintenance routine with this pro rigid steel baseball field drag, the trusted choice of professional groundskeepers.

Baseball Field Drag Features

  • Expertly designed by professional groundskeepers for optimal performance
  • The leading edge effectively levels surfaces for a smooth playing field
  • Slightly angled rigid steel mat minimizes material displacement during dragging
  • Ideal for top-dressed fields and perfect for pregame and between-inning drags