5070 6" Portable Youth Pitching Mound With Player
5070 6" Portable Youth Pitching Mound Clay
5070 6" Portable Youth Pitching Mound Green

5070 6" Portable Youth Pitching Mound

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5070 Youth League Portable Pitching Mound for Baseball

At the intersection of durability and lightweight portability, the 5070 portable pitching mound is among the most popular of youth pitching mounds. Weighing in at 36 pounds, this portable pitching mound is very transportable and easy to set up. Its durable construction and lightweight memory foam promote proper pitching mechanics and safe pitching. 

The pitching rubber is built down into the mound, level with the top of the hill to give a smooth slope behind. The steep back and sides give more area to the top to help your pitchers keep their hips level. Grooves on the bottom of the mound give extra traction to reduce slipping. All you need to do throw down the mound and play ball! 

Lightweight And Portable Pitching Mound Design

The 5070 is only 36 pounds and made with a durable foam that will last many seasons to come. There is also a handle built into the mound to make transport a breeze. Stop settling for pitching mounds that just aren't working out and get your kid a 5070 mound today! 

Portable Pitching Mound Features

  • Built with durable and lightweight memory foam
  • Pitching rubber is built into the mound
  • Steep sides to keep pitcher's hips level
  • Grooves on bottom of mound for anti-slip
  • Ages 12 and under

Youth Pitching Mound Dimensions

  • Height: 6"
  • Width: 3' 8"
  • Length: 4' 4"
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
5070 6" Portable Youth Pitching Mound with Player