Puddle Pillows
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Puddle Pillows

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Puddle Pillows - Baseball Field Water Removal Tool

Keep your ball field free of standing water with these convenient Puddle Pillows. Made from a super-absorbent material, these pillows quickly soak up small puddles, making them an essential tool for any groundskeeper.

Easy to use: Simply place the pillows in the water and wait for them to absorb the liquid. When saturated, remove them from the field, squeeze out the absorbed water, and they are ready to be used again. Durable and easy to clean, these puddle pillows are a must-have for any baseball or softball field.

Puddle Pillow Features

  • 10 pillows per case
  • 16" W x 14" L
  • Each pillow absorbs up to 2.5 liters (85 ounces) of water
  • Each case absorbs nearly 7 gallons
  • Durable enough to be reused many times
  • Fully sewn on all sides
  • Two individual pockets per pillow
  • Centerfold allows the pillow to easily hang on a fence to dry

Puddle Pillows