Rogers Change-Up™ Breakaway Bases - Set of 3 Set
Rogers Change-Up™ Breakaway Bases - Set of 3
Rogers Change-Up™ Breakaway Bases - Set of 3 Close Up

Rogers Change-Up™ Breakaway Baseball Bases - Set of 3

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Rogers Change-Up Breakaway Baseball Bases

The Rogers breakaway bases have revolutionized baseball fields for decades with their safe breakaway technology. When you're sliding into third, trying to beat the tag, as your front leg touches the bag, the base will breakaway, ensuring that you don't hurt yourself. Rogers breakaway bases are the only bases on the market that are clinically proven to reduce injuries among baseball players. 

The Change-Up series is similar to the original breakaway base, but can now be used with standard 1.5" metal ground anchors. These bases are plug and play, and will fit any field that already has ground anchors installed.

Rogers Change-Up™ Breakaway Bases - Set of 3

Change-Up Breakaway Base Features

  • Easy to install and remove, making them convenient for both practice and game settings.
  • Compliant with Little League rule 1.06
  • Designed to look and feel like traditional bases, maintaining the integrity of the game while improving player safety.
  • Backed by decades of clinical research, testing and refinement.
  • Approved for game use by Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Pony, USA, and USSSA leagues.

Complete Set Includes

  • 3 HB-5 base plates
  • 3 youth base tops

Note: Standard Metal Ground Anchors are Sold Separately

Model Recommended Usage
Youth Male up to 12 years - Female up to 16 years
Teen Male up to 16 years - Female up to 21 years
Adult Male - 16 years & up - Female 21 years & up
Pro Advanced or Professional Players Only

How the BreakAway Base System Works

Base Tops

Superior rubber exterior infused with anti-skid materials, anti-skid stitching, ribbed corners for better traction when rounding bases and UV inhibitors to keep the base bright white.

Base Tops

Base Plate

A durable rubber-coated steel plate with molded rubber grommets connects the base tops to the ground anchors. Superior design allows for quick, easy, and reliable reinstallation after the disengagement of a base top.

Base Plate

Ground Anchors

Plastic anchor housing serves as a form for pouring concrete around the metal anchor. Grooves on the top of the housing interlock with the base plate and eliminate side to side movement of the base tops.

Ground Anchors

Quick Change Anchor Covers

High quality rubber anchor covers pair perfectly with our anchor system. 15” x 15” square and 1/2“ thick. Quick Change Anchor Cover keeps dirt out of the entire top of the anchor unit and quickly accommodates multiple base path distances on a baseball field.

Quick Change Anchor Covers

Little League Approved

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