TranzHit™ Portable Pitching Machine Hitting Station Team Feeder Hack Attack

TranzHit™ Portable Pitching Machine Hitting Station

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Tranzhit Portable Pitching Machine Hitting Station

Create an instant hitting station in minutes, simply roll the TranzHit into the cage or onto the field and you are ready to practice. Use the TranzHit frame to combine your Hack Attack or Junior Hack Attack pitching machine with your Team Feeder to create a portable hitting station.

The TranzHit is a great option for batting cage owners and coaches at any high school, college or MLB club. It's large rubber wheels make it easy to roll onto the field, over grass and on top of the mound, or throughout any batting cage facility. When you move the TranzHit into the desired position, lock the casters and you're ready to go! 

The TranzHit will easily connect to any Hack Attack machine or Jr Hack Attack pitching machine, and any Wireless Team Feeder. The all new wireless team feeder is an automatic feeder that holds up to 150 baseballs. The feeder can be operated wirelessly with a remote, allowing the batter to practice solo.

The automatic feeder will feed a baseball into the pitching machine at variable times of 6-12 seconds, allowing continuous batting practice for 20 minutes! Order your TranzHit today to receive free shipping. 

TranzHit™ Portable Pitching Machine Hitting Station Team Feeder Hack Attack



TranzHit Hitting Station Features

  • Made out heavy-duty steel tubing with welded joints for strength and durability.
  • Shaped for stability and easy movement thru doorways.
  • Oversized industrial casters make it easy to move across any surface, onto the mound or in and out of a cage.
  • Locking casters provide stability during use.
  • Frame bolts together quickly and easily with few tools needed.
  • Powder-coated frame eliminates rust.

The Hack Attack pitching machine and Team Feeder are sold separately.