Sports Radar 3 Digit Red Led 8" Display DL834

Sports Radar 3 Digit Red Led 8" Display DL834

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Sports Radar 3 Digit Red Led 8" Display DL834

This is a RED LED 3-digit, 8" character DL834 Display which is a great addition to SR3600/SR3800 or DT100/200/300 detectors. This is the Sports Radar red 3-digit LED display ; each character is 8" tall. Power is supplied by a 12VDC power adapter (included). The radar gun can not power the Sports Radar DL834 display. Must be mounted on a table top stand, USM, or a heavy weight tripod in order for it to be in place. Using this Display will provide the noticeable speed reading results.

You can connect up to four radar units to this display and it will show only the highest reading, perfect for tennis courts where you need multiple radars, but only want to show the fastest speed.

We now have 3 modes the DL834 can operate in depending on the radar attached to it.

Modes 1 & 2 will work with either a single or multiple radar sources.

Mode 3 is for a single special program radar source.


  • Normal mode. In this mode the highest speed will be displayed and held in the display for a minimum of 2 seconds if no new speeds are seen the current speed will be held until display is powered off. After 2 seconds, if a new speed is received it will over write the current speed.

  • Tennis Serve Speed mode. In this mode the Serve Speed (or fastest speed received) from either a single radar or multiple radars is displayed on the display until no more speeds are received from the radars (i.e. ball is no longer moving in the field of view; typically the end of the match). The display will then wait 5 seconds, to reset (clear the display). The display is now ready for the next serve.

  • Quick display mode. In this mode, the first speed received is displayed and will hold until another speed is received. In this mode, the display can update at about 2 speeds per second. If the speed is the same, you can verify the update rate as seen by a quick flash on the un-used input port indicators as the speeds are being received. This only works with a single radar source.


  • Mechanical Height 11” Width 16-1/4” Depth ¾” Weight 5lb
  • Display Type Light Emitting Diode (LED), color RED, Character height: 8 “
  • Voltage 12 VDC minimum, 18VDC maximum
  • Current 2A max
  • Visibility 350 feet typical in shaded light
  • Input RJ45/CAT5 straight through
  • Data Format RS232, 1200 Baud (SR standard protocol)
  • Mounting Hangers on the back or ¼-20 nuts top and bottom 
  • Temperature Operating 40-110 deg F. Storage 30-125 deg F