Steel Baseball Field Drag
Steel Baseball Field Drag Used In Field
Steel Baseball Field Drag Leveling Bar
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Steel Baseball Field Drag

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Steel Baseball Field Drag Mat

Achieve a finely groomed infield with our versatile steel baseball field drag. It breaks up chunks, levels surfaces, and redistributes soil effortlessly. Add a leveling bar for enhanced performance. The flexible steel mat and sturdy lead bar provide strength and stiffness. The 1″ steel mesh is constructed from 3’8″ thick galvanized steel ribbon. Pull rope included for use as hand drag. Chain not included. Perfect for all types of infield surfaces.

Baseball Field Drag Features

  • Versatile infield grooming: Break up chunks, level surfaces, and redistribute soil effectively with the steel mat drag.
  • Compatibility with various infield materials: No matter the type of infield skin, the steel mat drag works efficiently to maintain a groomed appearance.
  • Enhanced performance with leveling bar: The optional leveling bar reduces clumps and ensures a smoother infield surface.
  • Durable construction: The 1" steel mesh, made from 3/8" thick galvanized steel ribbon, ensures long-lasting performance.