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Sweet Spot Baseball Tamp

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Tamp Head Options:

Tamp Head Options

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Sweet Spot Baseball Field Tamp

Introducing the Sweet Spot baseball field tamp - the modern solution for ground tampering. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and backaches. With interchangeable tamp heads, you can enjoy up to 4 tamps in one tool. The Sweet Spot self-adjusts to the hitting surface angle, reducing handle recoil and minimizing vibrations. The package includes a handle, allowing you to select your preferred tamp heads for ultimate convenience.

Ergonomically Designed

With a lengthened handle of 5-1/2", this field tamp accommodates taller groundskeepers and landscapers for added comfort. The interchangeable tamp heads and articulating design create a damping effect, providing effective blows with reduced or no vibrations. Choose from four tamp head sizes, or get the complete set for versatile and effortless tampering.

Interchangeable Sizes

Experience ultimate customization with our Sweet Spot Ground Tamper. Featuring interchangeable tamp heads in four sizes, you can tailor your tamper to the specific job requirements. As the plate size decreases, the pounds-per-square-inch pressure intensifies, ensuring optimal compaction force. For instance, the 8×8 head delivers 1.6 times the force of the 10×10, while the 4×6 head exerts over 4 times the force. Effortlessly compact clay with smaller heads, minimizing the workload and maximizing efficiency.

Sweet Spot Baseball Tamp


  • Efficiently compact clay with targeted, concentrated power from our variable heads, reducing the workload required
  • Experience full power delivery with each stroke as the articulating head strikes the surface squarely every time
  • Enjoy reduced or eliminated vibrations, minimizing operator fatigue and lowering the risk of injury
  • Maximize efficiency with swappable heads - choose to get all four or only the ones you need


  • 4 interchangeable heads for accurate coverage
  • Extra 5.5” handle to help reduce/eliminate vibration
  • Great for groundskeepers and landscapers