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TAP™ Dot Mat

TAP™ Dot Mat

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Dot Mat

The TAP™ Dot Mat can be used to develop dynamic leg strength, improve stability and increase knee and ankle strength. Proper use can lead to improved agility, reaction time, and foot speed. It is great for beginners and advanced users alike and an ideal warm-up device to precede intense activity.

The TAP™ Dot Mat can be used for multiple footwork pattern work-outs to improve quickness, change of direction, and dynamic balance. Drills can begin with two feet and progress to single foot drills with activities timed and ability progress measured. Multiple mats can be positioned together to increase the level of challenge.

The TAP™ Dot Mat is constructed of foam rubber to dampen impact and lessen stress on joints. Measuring 48.5"L x 36"W x .5" thick, the mat should be placed on a dry, firm, and level surface free of obstacles or debris; the mat surface and athlete’s footwear should be dry before using.

The TAP™ Dot Mat is a great tool to improve agility, coordination, and mental focus of an athlete.

  • Great for agility, balance, quickness and coordination drills
  • Improve foot speed, reaction time and balance
  • Perform multiple footwork patterns
  • Cushioned foam rubber construction
  • Rolls up for easy storage