Throw Down Rubber Bases

Throw Down Rubber Bases

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Throw Down Rubber Bases

Easily organize competitive or friendly baseball games with these throw-down rubber bases. Perfect for kickball games or impromptu practices, it securely stays in place on indoor and outdoor fields with its suction grip. Fielders and runners can compete to touch the highly visible white base first, making game-changing plays. The durable molded rubber construction withstands repeated impacts from sneakers and cleats as runners round the bases. Coaches, gym teachers, and camp counselors will appreciate this versatile and reliable base for all their sporting needs.

Baseball Base Features

  • Built to withstand the rigorous demands of intense baseball, softball, or kickball games, thanks to its heavy-duty molded rubber construction.
  • Set up the throw-down base effortlessly in any location for a spontaneous game or practice session, and easily remove it once the play is finished.
  • The base stays securely in place throughout the game, thanks to the reliable suction grip on its underside, preventing any sliding or shifting.
  • Whether you're practicing indoors or outdoors, this versatile base is designed to be used in any setting, ensuring consistent training regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Its solid white color stands out prominently against various surfaces, such as hardwood gym floors, infield dirt, or lush grass fields, ensuring excellent visibility for players and officials.


  • Works great for Baseball, Softball, and Kickball
  • Material: Rubber
  • Solid white, heavy-duty molded
  • Rubber throw down bases with suction grip underside
  • For use indoor and outdoor