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Turf Home Plate Halo for Baseball Field

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Turf Home Plate Halo Kit

Introducing our all new Turf Home Plate Halo Kit, the ultimate solution for maintaining pristine high-traffic areas on your field throughout the season. Our 26' Diameter Home Plate Turf Halos seamlessly blend with closely mowed turfgrass, providing a consistent and attractive playing surface.

With these halos installed, your natural grass will grow around the edges, ensuring a great look and reduced maintenance time. Protect your home plate from wear and tear with our durable polypropylene monofilament foam backed turf halos, trimmed to a 1/2" turf length and featuring a 5mm impact pad backing. Choose from two standard configurations: the semi-circle home plate halo and the semi-circle with baseline wing extensions.

Home Plate Halo Features

  • 26' Diameter Home Plate Turf Halos: Maintain high-traffic areas and keep your field looking great all season long.
  • Seamless Blend with Turfgrass: Blends perfectly with closely mowed turfgrass for a consistent playing surface.
  • Reduced Maintenance Time: Natural grass grows around the edges, minimizing maintenance efforts.
  • Polypropylene Monofilament Foam Backed Turf Halos: Durable and protective for high-wear areas like home plate.
  • Trimmed to 1/2" Turf Length: Ensures a neat and uniform appearance.
  • 5mm Impact Pad Backing: Provides additional protection against wear and tear.
  • Two Standard Configurations: Choose from a semi-circle home plate halo or semi-circle with baseline wing extensions.

 Turf Home Plate Halo for Baseball Field Printed Manatees Halo