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Turface MVP Infield Soil Conditioner

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Turface MVP Infield Soil Conditioner

With over 50 years of proven performance, Turface® MVP® remains the top choice for diamond conditioning. Its larger particle size allows for versatile usage, whether it's incorporating into infield mix, topdressing for a consistent playing surface, or enhancing native soil for turf renovations. This premium conditioner helps maintain a smooth, cushioned surface, improves drainage, and combats infield compaction, ensuring safer and more enjoyable gameplay.

Infield Conditioner Features

  • Creates a smooth, cushioned playing surface for enhanced player comfort
  • Balances air and water pore space for improved moisture management and drainage
  • Versatile application: ideal for infield mix incorporation and topdressing
  • Helps prevent infield compaction and reduces the risk of injuries from running, sliding, and bad hops
  • Suitable for new infield construction or renovation projects
  • Each bag weighs 50lbs, with 40 bags per pallet
  • Sold per pallet for convenient bulk purchasing

      Click here to download the Turface MVP Infield Soil Conditioner Specifications Sheet

    Turface MVP Infield Soil Conditioner Specifications Sheet