XL Fungo Field Screen With Wheels

XL Fungo Field Screen With Wheels

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XL Baseball Field Protective Screen with Wheels

Introducing the XL Fungo Field Screen, designed to elevate the safety standards for infielders. Engineered with durable heavy-wall aluminum tubing, this screen provides unrivaled protection during rigorous training sessions. The robust mesh netting ensures optimal ball containment, safeguarding athletes and coaches from unexpected line drives. With this field screen, infielders can focus on refining their skills with the utmost confidence, knowing that their safety is fortified by our commitment to excellence.

Field Screen Features

  • The XL Fungo Field Screen features a sturdy frame made from heavy-wall aluminum for long-lasting durability in any weather condition.
  • Its 1.75-inch mesh netting is treated to withstand high-velocity pitches and powerful hits, providing reliable protection.
  • Permanent 4 in. x 10 in. pneumatic tires allow simple transportation around the infield
  • Perfect for collegiate and professional baseball and softball playing levels.