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Softball Field Dimensions and Layouts for All Softball Leagues and Levels of Play

Designing a softball field? The first thing you'll want to consider is the dimension. You need to know the distance between each base path, from home plate to the mound, and much more.

Figuring these things out can be tricky because the dimensions vary so much between different leagues and levels of play.

Lucky for you, we created these guides!

What You Will Learn

With this softball field dimension guide, you will easily be able to identify each dimension of your league's softball field, from Little League all the way up to an MLB field, making the design, layout and construction process a breeze.


diagram of the dimensions of a baseball field


A: Base Distance

B: 1st Base Runner's Lane 

C: Infield Hypotenuse 

D: Infield Arc Radius

E: Distance to Coach's Box from Foul Line 

F: Length of Coach's Box

G: Width of Coach's Box

H: Length of Batter's Box 

I: Width of Batter's Box

J: Distance to Backstop From Tip of Home Plate

K: Minimum Field Distance to Left and Right Field

L: Minimum Distance to Centerfield 

M: Pitching Mound Radius

N: Distance From Home Plate to Pitching Rubber

O: Distance to Center of Mound from Home Plate

P: Pitching Mound Height:  

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