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Kevin King, the founder of Anytime Baseball Supply and senior contributor of the Daily Diamond blog, is a true aficionado of the baseball world. His journey with the sport began in childhood, playing baseball and watching the Los Angeles Dodgers on TV. Eight years ago, Kevin channeled this passion into founding Anytime Baseball Supply, a company that has since flourished, serving thousands of customers with a commitment to transforming players from good to great.

At Anytime Baseball Supply, Kevin ensures the provision of top-quality baseball equipment, coupled with exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and hassle-free returns. His hands-on approach and keen eye for the latest in baseball technology have been instrumental in the company's success. This expertise is further showcased through his active participation in major baseball trade shows, and staying abreast of cutting-edge developments in the sport. Anytime Baseball is now recognized industry wide as one of the leading brands in baseball training equipment. Some of his products have even been recognized and endorsed by former professional MLB players!

In his role as a senior contributor to the Daily Diamond blog, Kevin leads the way in enlightening readers about new baseball products, like their new 9 hole pitching nets and latest pitching machines. His involvement spans from selecting engaging topics to writing and editing each article, reflecting his comprehensive understanding of the sport.

Kevin's commitment to the baseball community extends beyond business and blogging. He proudly sponsored a little league team, the TBT Ballers in South Florida, providing them with everything from uniforms to essential equipment like L-screens. This gesture not only underlines his love for the game but also his dedication to fostering young talent.

Despite a busy schedule, Kevin still finds time for personal pursuits. He enjoys playing the occasional pick-up baseball game, skateboarding, and spending time with his dog, Panzer. His multifaceted life, balancing professional dedication and personal passions, illustrates a figure who is not only deeply ingrained in the baseball community but also approachable and relatable.

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