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Best Pitching Targets for Baseball

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Best Baseball Pitching Targets

The best pitchers in history all have one thing in common: work ethic. To improve your pitching skills and reach the next level, a pitcher needs repetition to master different pitches, command, and velocity. A pitcher needs a pitching target.

It’s not always possible to pitch to a live batter or have a catcher to catch for you. In order to get enough reps and pitches in, you’ll need equipment, like a pitcher's strike zone net, that allows you to pitch in a safe and controlled environment. That’s where a pitching target comes in! 

What You Will Learn

In this article, we will be covering the top-rated pitching targets and which ones will work best for you. We'll go over different pitching nets, bullpen dummies, and pitcher's pockets. 

Let's take a look! 

Best Pitching Targets for Baseball

1. The No Hitter 9 Hole Pitching Net


No Hitter 9 Hole Pitching Net


Click here to learn more about the No Hitter 9 Hole Pitching Pocket

This product is similar to a pitching net target, but it has 9 pockets that allow the pitcher to try to hit different parts of the strike zone. With this immediate location feedback, you can focus on accuracy and see right away how accurate your pitches are. It is also made of high-quality materials, making it a durable option even against hard throwing pitchers.

9 Hole Pitching Net Features:

  • Ships fully assembled, so it’s easy to set up and get going
  • Adjustable height
  • Detachable legs, so it’s easy to store
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

This product comes at a premium price, but it’s a great pitching net target for any baseball or softball club or program. The adjustable height means multiple age groups can get use out of this training equipment.

2. Pro Command Pitching Target



Click here to purchase the Pro Command pitching training aid

The new Pro Command pitching target is an alternative for pitchers to focus on the revolutionary visual taking the industry by storm. The visual target Pro Command, provides for a pitcher's hand eye coordination, is second to none. Complete your workout with the premier target on the market.

The Pro Command Target was designed by a professional pitching coach/ former pitcher with over 30 years of experience. The purpose was to provide a realistic pitching target trainer that resembled the ideal and most accurate visual a pitcher of all ages sees from the mound. 

Pitching Target Features

  • Realistic pitching target
  • Actual size catcher with perfectly located targets
  • Glove details that allows the pitcher to see a small lace or light coming through the web.
  • Flexible and can be attached to any Soccer net, Lacrosse goal, an L-screen or any fence
  • The size of this live size catcher is 39.5” x 44.25”and can be easily transported

 3. Tap K Pitching Target


TAP K Pitching Target


Click here to order the TAP K pitching target

Rather than a net, this is an accessory that can be attached to a net frame or fence. The K Target is a pad divided into 4 colored zones as well as a center zone. The different colors and targets on the pad are designed to give the pitcher a variety of options and information. The bright colors will fatigue players and help them deal with high-pressure situations.

Pitching Target Features:

  • Target size is 66" x 42”
  • Net/screen sold separately
  • Visual stressors to train pitchers
  • Improve pitching skills fast

This pitching target pad is a great addition to a pitcher’s training regimen. It offers something unique from other traditional pitching nets and targets

 4. ProMounds Designated Hitter Pitching Target


ProMounds Bullpen Designated Hitter Dummy Pro
Click here to order the Designated Hitter pitching dummy here

The Designated Hitter is unique to the rest of the targets on this list as it’s one you don’t actually want to hit. Instead, this is a dummy that will stand in for a hitter and give a pitcher a more realistic feel when practicing.

Baseball Pitching Target Features:

  • 5’9” and 37 pounds
  • Can stand righty or lefty
  • Durable material

The perfect stand in that will safely simulate a batter standing at the plate.


5. PowerNet German Marquez Baseball Pitching Target


Powernet German Marquez Baseball Pitching Target


This baseball pitching target has four pockets that focus the pitcher on painting the corners. It is an accessory that can be attached to various screens or fences and transform any area into a bullpen. The four pockets catch the ball so you can quickly see how many pitches end up in each quadrant. This is perhaps the most portable pitching aid on this list, and it’s also very durable.

Baseball Pitching Target Features:

  • Endorsed by professional pitcher German Marquez
  • Heavy duty ¼ inch foam material
  • Four pockets
  • Drastically improve pitching skills

It’s a pitching target endorsed by a professional, and the ability to transform any chain-link fence into a strike zone makes it worth considering. For more products like this, check out our list of best pitching nets here.

 6. Bownet Original Big Mouth


Bownet Original Big Mouth Pitching Target


Click here to order the Bownet Big Mouth pitching net here

Bownet designed this simple training equipment with high-end materials that make it a great investment for a baseball program. The durable powder-coated steel frame can withstand fierce pitches and last you years. It’s a net with a huge pocket, hence the name, so it can be utilized in pitching, batting, and throwing practice.

Pitching Net Features:

  • Carrying bag
  • Energy Absorption System that diffuses ball energy throughout the net

A truly top-of-the line product with innovative design features that add to the lifespan of this excellent equipment.

Why Do I Need a Pitching Target?

A pitcher needs practice in a controlled and safe environment to fine tune their skills. Pitching to a batter or with a catcher isn’t always an option and it can lead to injuries for other players and the pitcher as well.

Baseball pitching targets allows for pitchers to increase their reps and practice without needing any other players or coaches. This benefit protects player safety and makes sure that every pitcher on your team gets enough practice.

Another big benefit of baseball pitching targets is that you can practice pitching in more areas. If a pitcher needs to warm up, they can set up an attachment like the Tap K Target on a chain link fence or backstop.

Perhaps most importantly, pitching targets can provide more detailed feedback than just pitching to a batter or catcher.

For example, pitching targets with pockets give immediate feedback by showing how many pitches make it into each corner of the strike zone. The Pitcher's Pocket Pro has nine pockets, so you can see what areas you’re hitting and how accurate your pitches are.

As a training aid, a pitching target can help a pitcher focus on specific skills such as accuracy and placement, and they provide opportunities to run different types of drills.

What size do I need?

The size of your desired pitching target will depend on what type of drills you want to run. A bigger target can be safer as it catches more missed pitches.

Larger nets like the Bownet Big Mouth can also be used in more than just pitching drills. It can also be used to work on outfielder’s long throwing accuracy or batting practice.

If you’re looking for a pitching target that will only be used for pitching practice then you can go for a smaller target. A smaller target, like the No Hitter Net, will focus your pitcher more on accuracy and placement, important skills for any pitcher.

Final Words

A good pitching target or net is essential to any promising pitcher. It provides a safe and controlled environment to increase pitching reps and focus on the skills most important to the craft.

In our list we’ve taken you through the most important aspects of this type of equipment, and as you can see you have plenty of options.

Through research and talking with your athletes, you will get a good idea of what type of pitching target or net is best for you pitchers.



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