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Top 10 Best Portable Pitching Mounds of 2024 (With Customer Reviews)

This Top 10 Best Portable Pitching Mounds blog from Anytime Baseball Supply, written by industry expert Kevin King, offers an expert analysis of the leading portable pitching mounds available. It focuses on their practical benefits over traditional dirt mounds, detailing aspects such as ease of maintenance and versatility for different playing fields. The article provides valuable insights for coaches, players, and parents, helping them make informed decisions based on features, durability, and design specifics of each portable mound. 
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Top 10 Best Portable Pitching Mounds of 2024

Navigating the world of baseball equipment in 2024, one finds that the innovation of portable pitching mounds has revolutionized the game. The traditional dirt mounds, while authentic, present a set of challenges, including extensive maintenance and the need for skilled groundskeeping. This is where the convenience and practicality of portable pitching mounds come into play.

Hello everyone, I'm Kevin King, and it's a pleasure to be here sharing my insights with you. Over the last 7 years, I've immersed myself in the world of baseball training equipment, exploring the many portable pitching mounds available. My hands-on experience, combined with my love for the sport, has given me a unique insights and perspective, especially when it comes to portable pitching mounds.

We sell all of these portable pitching mounds through our website, and I've had the privilege to see them, and stand on them to feel their durability, and to see all their minor details, down to the glue that was used to adhere the turf to the fiberglass. I'm here to impart my experience onto you to help you pick the best portable pitching mounds that will suit your needs. Let's get started!

What You Will Learn

In this article, you'll learn which pitching mounds are the hottest picks for this season and why. We'll review all portable pitching mounds so you can learn about whether or not it is the right size for your needs, how durable it is, how well it replicates a pitching mound, and what kind of warranty it is backed by. We will also highlight the features that make these portable baseball pitching mounds unique and an option for you and your team. 

1. PortoLite 6" Little League Full Length Portable Pitching Mound

Being one of the best portable pitching mounds on the market, we had to put this Portolite mound first. It's no surprise that former MLB player, Greg Reinhard purchased 12 Portolite practice mounds for his baseball facility.

Verified Review

“We bought them right away when we opened,” he said. “I’d been to other places and tried other mounds and these are the best out there.”

This high quality pitching mound is a best seller among youth baseball leagues across the country. This mound is made by Portolite which is the leading manufacturer of portable pitching mounds. These mounds are known for their high quality materials, lightweight design, and overall quality. 

PortoLite 6" Pitching Mound in Clay with Kid Pitching

This portable pitching mound is perfect for kids ages 8-14. This means your child could get a good 6 years of use out of this pitching mound. Portable mounds like these mean you won’t have to worry about your player/s slipping off these pitching mounds thanks to its slope technology. With its has tapered edges, your kid won't trip on the lip of the portable mound when they step on and off. Every player will feel comfortable when they sink their cleats into this portable pitching mound.


Portable Pitching Mound Features

  • Top rated portable pitching mounds for ages 8-14
  • High quality Fiberglass, Poly, & Astroturf®
  • One of the best game mounds and practice mounds
  • Tapered edges, which means no lips'
  • Long landing area makes for safe pitching
  • Recessed depression below rubber to set over field rubber         
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the mound's core

Portable Pitching Mounds Dimensions 

  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Dimensions:  6" H x 108" L x 60" W


  • Made with high quality fiberglass, poly and turf materials
  • Smooth tapered edges for player safety 
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty 


  • Heavy for one person to move on their own 
  • High price point  

2. PortoLite 6" Stride Off Portable Game Pitching Mound For Baseball

Designed for kids ages 8-13, this high quality pitching mound is great for most youth baseball leagues like Little League. We love that it only weighs 50 lbs, making it super easy for kids or parents to carry it on and off the field. This mound in particular is constructed with high quality turf and a strong fiberglass core, ensuring that it will last for many seasons to come. Plus, our Portolite line of portable pitching mounds comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Verified Review

"The turf on this mound is awesome, it's got a good non-slip surface and definitely works as it should, it's very durable too, doesn't easily wear out. I'm glad I chose to buy this mound, it's perfect for the kids." -Fred


Portolite 6" Stride Off Pitching Mound in Green color
Click here to learn more about the Portolite 6" Stride Off portable pitching mound


Portable Pitching Mound Features: 

  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Best portable mounds for kids ages 8-14
  • High quality fiberglass, Poly and AstroTurf™
  • Recessed slot on bottom of mound to set over existing rubber
  • Tapered edges, no lips
  • Mound height: 6"
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the portable mound's core

Portable Pitching Mound Dimensions:

  • 63" L x 54"W x 6"H 


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Made with high quality fiberglass, poly and turf materials
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty 


  • Pitcher's front leg lands on flat bottom rather than sloped mound
  • Smaller landing area


3. Portable 8" Youth Portable Pitching Mound for Youth League

One of our favorite full sized youth portable pitching mounds, this is our best selling 8" portable pitching mound. This youth 8" high quality pitching mound was specifically designed for kids ages 12-17. This mound was constructed with durable fiberglass shell and covered with real AstroTurf™. 

Verified Review

"The mound is perfect, just the right size and height for the kids. It's very durable and I think will last them until college. I am very satisfied with this product." -Amari

Portable 8" pitching mound in green

 Click here to learn more about this 8" portable youth league pitching mound


This lightweight yet durable portable mound makes it perfect for on-the-go. Choose its color between green or clay colors to match your baseball field.

What we love about this pitching mound: Since this model is over 100 inches long, you can be assured that your child will experience a game-like simulation. From the beginning of the pitch, to when their front foot lands on the slope of the mound, it will feel like a real life pitching mound.

Their pitching skills will improve greatly since their front leg is guaranteed to land on the mound and not the dirt. As mentioned earlier, sizing is super important and this one checks that box completely.

Some of the cons: Honestly, we love this mound and thinks its pretty perfect. Although, with any large one piece pitching mounds, carrying it on and off the field will be a challenge. 


Portable Pitching Mound Features

  • Top rated portable pitching mounds for ages 12-17
  • Drastically improves pitching skills
  • Constructed with high density foam
  • 3-year limited warranty on the fiberglass shell
  • One of the best game mounds
  • Does not scratch gym floors
  • Large landing area for pitchers
  • Mound height: 8"
  • FREE Shipping!

Portable Pitching Mound Dimensions

  • 66" W x 101" L x 8" tall
  • 60 oz. Green or Clay AstroTurf
  • 6" x 24" White Rubber Pitching Block (This is removable)
  • 68" from rubber to edge
  • Weight: 160 lbs 


  • Constructed with high quality fiberglass shell and real AstroTurf™
  • These portable mounds promote proper pitching mechanics 
  • Meets most youth league requirements


  • Large size - takes 2 people to move
  • High price point

4. 6" Youth Portable Game / Practice Pitching Mound

Similar to the last mound on the list, this portable mound is made with durable fiberglass and topped with real AstroTurf™. This portable mound was specifically designed for any kid ages 6-12, providing a good platform for a young pitcher to learn proper pitching mechanics from. These make for great game mounds and practice mounds, and are a great addition for batting practice. 

Verified Review

"We bought 2 of the mounds for out little league fast pitch. They are very easy to move, and have worked out very good for us. I would just say if I was to buy again I would look at the mound that has just a little more front. As the boys with longer legs finish the stretch some have a tendency to be off the mound. Other than that its great." -Mary A.

6" portable pitching mound in clay
Click here to learn more about the 6" Youth League Portable Pitching Mound


A classic example of an all around well built, long lasting portable pitching mound built to spec. This simple yet effective mound is the perfect mound for your high school or facility. 

Portable Pitching Mound Features:

  • Highly rated portable pitching mounds for Little League
  • Greatly improves pitcher's skills
  • Safe landing area
  • Available in clay or green color
  • Made with sturdy fiberglass and composite
  • 3-year limited warranty on the fiberglass shell
  • FREE Shipping!

Portable Mound Dimensions:

  • 53" W x 75" L x 6" tall
  • 60 oz. Green or Clay AstroTurf
  • 4" x 18" White Rubber Pitching Block. (This is removable)
  • 48" from rubber to edge
  • Weight: 90 lbs


  • Very portable, weighs only 90 lbs.
  • Best value 6" portable pitching mound
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty


  • Takes 2 people to move it 

5. PortoLite 4" Portable Little League Baseball Pitching Mound

Coming in a small size and an even smaller price tag, these portable pitching mounds are a huge customer favorite among youth league baseball parents. This is a 4" mound, making it the smallest option of mounds to choose from (mounds come in 4", 6", 8" and 10" variations). This mound is the perfect fit for kids ages 6-9 years old. Believe it or not, this is the most important age for a player to start pitching from a mound. Kids in this age range need to become accustomed to throwing from elevated portable pitching mounds, otherwise they will learn improper pitching mechanics. 

Verified Review

"We've had this mound for a couple years now and still looking good, didn't break down or have any visible damages. The turf is also very tough in my opinion, it didn't deteriorate much at all. I am very satisfied with this product." -Jess

Portolite 4" Stride off pitching mound in green with pitcher


Its small size allows parents and field crews to move it with ease. It is designed with a full body high performance core with fiberglass for a solid, no bounce, cushioned mound. It even helps to reduce knee and ankle strain. Because of its size, it can be used virtually anywhere, anytime.

Youth Pitching Mound Features

  • Gentle slopes for pickoffs
  • Tapered edges, no lips
  • Good to use during batting practice
  • Perfect for little leaguers
  • High quality fiberglass, poly, high density foam, and AstroTurf™
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the mound's core
  • FREE Shipping!

Portable Mound Dimensions

  • 4”H x 34” W x 46”L
  • Weight: 25 lbs.

If you need an inexpensive portable mound that will last and be incredibly easy to transport, then this is the model you’re looking for. It will be safe, effective, and easy to use everywhere.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move
  • Teach young pitchers proper mechanics at a young age
  • Affordable price point


  • Young players may outgrow this portable pitching mound in several years  
  • No landing area

6. Pitch Pro 486 Portable Youth Game Pitching Mound

This super rigid portable pitching mound is designed for youth players, ages 8-14 years old. It even mimics an MLB mound based on a younger player’s proportions to give a more lifelike feel. This portable pitching mound comes protected with UV resistant coat and is backed by a 10-year warranty, making it a great option for those that plan to leave it outside for long periods of time. 

Verified Review

"This mound is perfect for our games, feels really smooth and comfortable to to pitch on. Doesn't put strain on the legs either. Overall a very nicely made mound." -Andre


Pitch Pro 486 pitching mound in tan color with a pitcher on it
Learn more about the Pitch Pro 6" portable pitching mound here


The size of this portable mound actually makes it makes it ideal for use in games and tournaments. It weighs just a little over 100 pounds and can easily be carried by two people into an SUV or truck. The fact that it is weather and UV resistant makes it very unique and ensures it will be able to be used for seasons upon seasons.  

Portable Pitching Mound Features:

  • Fits in an SUV/ truck bed
  • Gel coat design makes it weather and UV resistant
  • Made with high density foam
  • 10-year warranty on mound's core
  • Mound height: 6"
  • Good for tournament directors

Portable Pitching Mound Dimensions:

  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • 4' W x 8' L x 6" H


  • Overall great quality pitching mound
  • Coaches and players love the size the mound offers 
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty 
  • Large landing area for pitcher's front foot


  • Takes 2 people to move

7.Pitch Pro 334 Youth Game Portable Pitching Mound

This youth portable pitching mound is straight to the point - a raised surface with a pitching rubber. And that's why customers love it so much. Its simplicity means a lower price point and portability without sacrificing performance. 

Pitch Pro 334 Youth Pitching Mound in tan turf
Click here to learn more about the Pitch Pro 4" youth portable pitching mound


The earlier kids start throwing from a raised surface, the better. Learning proper pitching mechanics as a kid means they won't have to unlearn anything later on in their career (an important factor in their overall performance). Take advantage of the price, simplicity and untapped potential found in this 4" youth pitching mound. 


Youth Mound Features 

  • Trains young pitchers to throw off a raised surface
  • Perfect for working on mechanics
  • Great for batting practice
  • Stores easily in the garage, shed or outdoors
  • 10-year warranty on mound core
  • Weight: 22 lbs

 Portable Mound Dimensions

  • 36" x 36" x 4"


  • Very portable, fits in the trunk of a car
  • Great for teaching young pitchers proper mechanics


  • Players may grow out of it quickly  

8. Little League 6" Portable Youth Game Pitching Mound

One of our biggest youth league portable pitching mounds, this 6" behemoth is one of the top game pitching mounds. If you are high school or parks and rec, or anyone that doesn't plan on moving around much, this mound is a great option for you. You can plop this thing down and turn your field into a legit feeling baseball field in seconds.  

Verified Review

"For a pitching mound you really need it to be tough and sturdy and this one has both. The turf has a nice firm grip to it too. We use it very often and it's still in top condition." -Frank

6" pitching mound for little league in green
Learn more about the 6" portable youth mound here


This portable pitching mound has been constructed using spike resistant fiberglass, free from Styrofoam and wood that will result in only a few years of continued use. This mound even comes with a 3-year warranty. It also has a removable rubber for your convenience and a choice of color between green and clay.

Portable Pitching Mound Features:

  • Great for little league game use
  • For use in both games and/or practice
  • Helps little league pitchers improve their skills
  • Color choice between green or clay
  • 3-year limited warranty on the fiberglass shell
  • FREE Shipping!

 Portable Mound Dimensions:

  • 82" W x 109"L x 6" tall
  • 60 oz. Nylon Green or Clay AstroTurf
  • 6" x 24" White Rubber Pitching Block. (This is removable)
  • Weight: 200 lbs.


  • Looks and feels like a full size mound
  • Great for doing pick offs


  • Large size - requires 2 people to move it
  • Takes up a lot of space in storage 

9. PortoLite Two Piece 8" Portable Game Pitching Mound

A more unique and portable full size game pitching mound, this is a great option for any youth player ages 12-17. Its two piece design is great for 2 reasons, its cheaper to ship (aka cheaper for you) and easier to move around, which is an important factor to consider. Built tough with high quality turf and fiberglass AND backed by a 10 year warranty, these pitching mounds are a no brainer!  

Verified Review

"The mound still works well even if it was designed to split in two. Very easy to assemble and once assembled it's locked in place and doesn't move at all during the game. The two-piece design makes it even more easier to transport." -Taylor

Portolite 8" 2-piece pitching mound in clay color
Click here to learn more about the Portolite 2-piece 8" portable pitching mound


USC pitching coach, Seth Etherton, loves these Portolite pitching mounds for their size and durability. “ I wanted something that would hold up to heavy use every day. I wanted something that was one piece and easy to move. Portolite’s responsiveness and service has been outstanding. I couldn’t be happier.” That means a lot coming from Seth, who led USC to a world series win in 1998, and played 4 seasons in the MLB. 

Pitching Mound Features:

  • Great for Little League
  • Gentle slopes for pickoffs
  • Tapered edges, no lips
  • High quality Fiberglass, Poly, & Astroturf®
  • Two piece design for portability
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the mound's core

Pitching Mound Dimensions

  • 8" H x 10’5” L x 7’ W
  • Weight: 100 lbs


  • 2 piece design makes it more portable without sacrificing performance 
  • Built with the highest quality fiberglass and turf


  • High price point

10. PortoLite 4" Stride Off Little League Portable Game Pitching Mound

This youth pitching mound, designed for players ages 8-14 is smaller and more lightweight compared to other pitching mounds for similar age ranges. Parents and coaches love it for its simplicity, lightweight design and affordable price point.  

Portolite 4" pitching mound in clay with a pitcher on it

Portable Pitching Mound Features:

  • Designed for ages 8-14
  • Perfect for Little League
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Very portable
  • Durable construction
  • Available in green or clay color
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the mound's core

Pitching Mound Dimensions:

  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • 44" L x 46" W x 4" H 


  • Teach young players proper pitching mechanics


  • Players will grow out of this in a few years

Conclusion - Which Portable Pitching Mounds Will You Pick?

For a more in depth look at how to pick the right portable pitching mounds and what things to look for, be sure to read our portable pitching pitching mounds buyer's guide.

In conclusion, choosing the right portable pitching mounds that are perfect for your family or team takes some thought. It truly is an investment, but a great thing about these portable pitching mounds is that you can finance them and pay as you use them (yes, we offer financing!).

Another great aspect is that portable pitching mounds will last for years and seasons to come, giving several different children the opportunity to learn their pitching mechanics with it. If you and your child are serious about the game of baseball and want to succeed and maybe even make it to the Majors one day, these portable pitching mounds are your first step. From portable pitching mounds to a Cy Young winner. It could happen.

Ready to buy? Be sure to check out our collection that contains all portable pitching mounds, game mounds, practice pitching mounds, and pitching platforms from every size and color imaginable! 


Founder / Senior Contributor

Kevin King, founder of Anytime Baseball Supply and senior contributor of the Daily Diamond blog, started the company 7 years ago. He loves the Los Angeles Dodgers, playing the occasional pick up baseball game, skateboarding and his dog Panzer. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to contribute to the blog.

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Kit Duncan

Kit Duncan

Kelvin. I enjoyed this article overall. However how do you leave the Perfect Mound off? We use both adult and youth and I find it far superior. Perhaps a little bit of sponsored content here….

Kelvin. I enjoyed this article overall. However how do you leave the Perfect Mound off? We use both adult and youth and I find it far superior. Perhaps a little bit of sponsored content here….

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