Top 11 Best Weighted Baseballs for This Upcoming Season

Top 3 Best Weighted Baseballs for This Upcoming Season

Elevate your pitching and hitting game with weighed baseballs and plyo balls. Increase command, velocity and even hitting skills with the best weighted baseballs and plyo balls on the market. Read though our best sellers list and buying guide to find the right weighted balls for you!
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The Best Plyo Balls and Weighted Baseballs for Pitching and Hitting

A large part of your success on the baseball or softball diamond is dependent on your training, practice and work ethic. However, the quality of your equipment and training tools ultimately shapes your skill level and performance. In other words, you need the best weighted softballs or baseballs on the market to stand a chance of developing your true potential.

When used correctly, your weighted baseball or softball will play a vitally important role in your development. Similar to donuts added to baseball bats that force players to practice their swing with additional weight, training with a weighted baseball or softball make it that much easier to use transition to regular baseballs or softballs.

What You Will Learn

In this article, we're going to be covering the best weighted baseballs and plyo balls for training purposes. Each of these products were selected carefully, and their product reviews, customer feedback, overall quality and price points were all taken into account before being added to this list. Additionally, we will be giving some information on the what the best weighted baseball materials are, best sizes, colors, and more. 

Top Rated Weighted Baseballs

1. TAP Weighted Baseballs

TAP Weighted Baseballs

These weighted baseballs from Oates Specialties come in ten different weights ranging from 3-12 ounces. The different weights can be used to train two distinct skills arm strength and arm speed.

According to Oates Specialties, overload-weighted baseballs (more than 5 ounces) are used to train arm strength while underload-weighted balls (less than 5 ounces) are used to train arm speed. These weighted baseballs can be bought in an individual weight or you can buy three different sets, including the complete set.

  • 10 different weights
  • Available to buy individual weights or in 3 different packages
  • Improve arm strength and speed
  • Durable synthetic leather cover
  • Purchase individual balls to save money or as a set


  • None, these are our best selling and highest rated weighted balls

The TAP weighted baseball set will be able to take a beating due to their synthetic leather cover, but they are also a great option to target arm speed and strength.

2. Play9 Plyo Baseballs with Seams

Play9 Plyo Baseballs with Seams
Play9 Plyo Baseballs with Seams
Introducing the our all new baseball plyo balls with seams, a pinnacle of reliability and resilience. Crafted to endure countless throws, these plyometric balls are built to withstand the demanding regimens of modern throwing programs. Engineered for impact on hard, level surfaces, unleash your full force and power, supported by the knowledge that our Plyometric exercises are unrivaled in cultivating explosive strength.
  • Comes in a set of 6 weighted baseballs
  • Comes with a free carrying bag
  • Includes different ball weigths, ranging from 3.5 oz to 2 lbs
  • Plyo balls feature seams for a realistic look and feel


  • Higher price point than cheap Amazon alternatives


3. Total Control Sports Weighted Plyo Balls for Hitting


Total Control Sports Baseball
Total Control Sports Weighted Plyo Balls for Hitting

Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

Hitting a baseball or softball is one of the hardest feats in sports. If you don’t have the best possible drive through the hitting zone and considerable strength, you will struggle to make solid contact that gets you on base. Enter the Total Control Sports Baseball.


  • 2.9” diameter
  • A precisely weighted design
  • Silica filler-free construction
  • Designed for hitting
  • Comes in 3-packs, 6-packs, or 12-packs
  • Made in the USA


  • Not designed for throwing

The Total Control Sports Baseball is used by both baseball and softball players for front toss and side toss. These practice balls are made right here in the United States so you can feel even better about buying them. Be patient with the Total Control, give the balls at least a few weeks and you will agree they make a meaningful impact on your strength and ultimately, your performance on the diamond.

Weighted Baseball Buying Guide

Understanding the Quality of a Weighted Baseball or Softball

A weighted baseball or softball you find on the market might differ quite significantly in terms of quality. If you don’t do your research, you will end up wasting your money on low-quality weighted softballs or baseballs. Above, all, square your attention on the weighted softball brands that have a solid reputation. Check out what consumers are saying about the weighted softball or baseball you have in mind and make your decision accordingly. If the balls look cheap, feel cheap or if there are references to low-quality materials throughout the reviews, strike them off your list. 

Looks for brands like Total Control Sports, that manufactures their weighted baseballs right here in the USA.

What is the Best Material for a Weighted Baseball / Softball

A weighted baseball or plyometric ball is made with leather, rubber, PVC, durable plastics and other materials. Some weighted baseballs and softballs contain a combination of materials. Keep in mind, the balls you select will inevitably land on hard surfaces so they need to be made with top-notch materials. Weighted softballs or baseballs of low-quality will suffer tears that much faster.


We prefer a weighted ball made out of leather, as they emulate a real baseball or softball more than plastic. However, the leather weighted balls cost more. If you're on a budget, we recommend a plyo ball that uses a durable and high quality plastic, like the Play9 plyo balls.

Weight of a Weighted Baseball? Yeah, it Matters! (Duh)

From 10 ounces to 16 ounces, 20 ounces and beyond, there is a wide spectrum of weights for weighted baseballs and softballs. Consider the overarching aim of using the weighted ball when selecting it. Choose a plyo ball with just the right amount of weight and they will help you bolster your strength, muscle memory and hand eye coordination. Keep in mind, you can always progress to a heavier practice ball as time progresses.

When in doubt, opt for lighter weighted baseballs and softballs, especially if you have a young player in your family. Younger players and those of lower skill levels will find lighter weighted balls are that much easier to control. Keep in mind, you can always progress to a heavier practice ball as time progresses. A couple examples of light weighted balls include Rukket Weighted Training Baseballs and PowerNet 2.8″ Weighted Hitting Balls.

How to Properly Use Your Weighted Baseball or Softball 

There are weighted softballs and weighted baseballs. If you are looking to correct mistakes and weaknesses such as your lack of power, failing to follow through or decelerating when nearing the point of impact, you should carefully select your weighted baseballs. Others will buy weighted balls to practice with prior to the first pitch. Above all, it is important to consider the age, experience and skill level of the players who will use the weighted ball. Opt for lighter balls for your baseball and softball players. If the players are older, they can use weighted balls with that much more weight.

Design and Color

Check out the weighted softballs and baseballs on the market and you will quickly find there are all sorts of colorful options. Some have unique designs in addition to a distinct color. If you plan on playing at, near or after dusk, choose a ball with a light or bright hue so you can see it that much more easily as the sun sets.

Final Words

The moral of the story is to carefully consider the many different weighted softball options on the market prior to deciding. Consider the color, weight, design and other factors before moving forward with a specific weighted ball. Choose wisely and your new weighted balls will bring out the best in your game.


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Do I have to had air. Or r they supposed to be floppy and not round

Do I have to had air. Or r they supposed to be floppy and not round

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