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Batting Cage Accessories for Sale

Need some accessories for your batting cage? We carry an assortment of batting cage accessories, including net dividers, batting cage doors, rubber backstops, and more! 

Batting Cage Backstops

There's no better way to extend the life of your batting cage netting than with a batting cage backstop. A heavy duty rubber backstop can act like a strike zone and save the netting for many years. 

We recommend the rubber backstops over the vinyl backstops if you can afford it. The rubber lasts much longer than the vinyl but costs a little more, although vinyl will help save the netting and is better than nothing. 

Batting Cage Accessories Batting Cage Backstops

Batting Cage Accessories Batting Cage Door Kits

Batting Cage Door Kits

Batting cage doors are a must have for any batting cage! You can cut away netting on your existing batting cage to install a batting cage door, or install the door as you build the batting cage.

If you elect to purchase a complete batting cage kit, take a minute to look at the product description to see if it comes with a door. If it does not, we recommend purchasing one!

Ball Caddies

A batting cage accessory that everyone needs is a ball caddy or ball cart. If dad or the coach is in the cage throwing BP to their kid, they're going to need somewhere to hold the balls. We prefer the ball caddies because they are made out of steel and have wheels, but fiberglass foldable ball carts are a great option as well. 

Batting Cage Accessories Ball Caddies

Batting Cage Accessories Batting Mats for Batting Cages

Batting Mats for Batting Cages

A must have for any batting cage is a baseball batting mat. A batting mat allows your batter to have a proper place to hit from while giving the pitcher (or the batting cage pitching machine) somewhere to pitch to.