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Batting Cages With Pitching Machines Combo

Pitching Machine + Batting Cage Combo Package Deals

Get the complete batting cage with pitching machine package here at Anytime Baseball Supply. Choose from multiple package deals with different pitching machines and different sizes of backyard batting cages

  • Pick from different pitching machines and batting cages to fit your needs 
  • We carry products with different price points to fit your budget! 
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The Advantages of Purchasing a Pitching Machine With a Batting Cage

Wouldn’t it be nice to practice perfecting your swing in own backyard?  Use your mind’s eye to envision yourself taking one big cut after another in your own batting cage while a pitching machine delivers pitch after pitch in own your backyard.  This is exactly the setup you need to increase your batting average, contact rate and power.  Whether you launch long balls, hit line drives, foul off pitches or swing and miss, you won’t have to venture outside of your batting cage to fetch the baseballs.  This is quite the contrast to practicing with a pitching machine at a local baseball diamond, field or other open space. 

There are all sorts of different pitching machine and batting cage combinations on the market, one of which is sure to fit just right in your yard and ultimately help you improve your performance at the plate.  Let’s take a look at two of the top options.

For Youth Players: Heater BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine and Xtender 24' Batting Cage Package

This pitching machine + batting cage combo features an Xtender batting cage measuring 24’, making it perfect for little league baseball players and other youth baseball players. The machine measures 24’ in length, 12’ in width and 10’ in height.  The machine pitches both fastballs and changeups. 

Batting Cage Package Includes:

  • Automatic ball feeder
  • Real baseballs are delivered over the plate at speeds between 15 mph and 48 mph
  • Lite balls are delivered over the plate at 60 mph
  • Adjustable pitch height
  • Variable speed control 
  • Pitches a dozen baseballs at a time 
  • Pitches every 10 seconds 
  • Durable frame comprised of fiberglass and steel 
  • Cage measures 24 L x 12 W x 10 H 
  • Rapid assembly
  • 1" polypropylene netting has double the strength of competing nets 
  • Doubles as a golf cage

Add this pitching machine and batting cage combination to your yard and you will be able to train whenever you want.  This machine really does deliver absolutely perfect pitches without exception.  Go ahead and adjust the machine as you see fit with the knob control system and you will have the opportunity to hit pitches just like those you’ll see when standing at the dish in actual games.

For High School - College Players: Heater Deuce with Xtender 36' Batting Cage Package

If your kid is entering high school or older, you will love this pitching machine with batting cage package.  While little leaguers and tweens are better served with other pitching machines, this one is perfect for teenagers, high school players, college baseball players and even professionals.

Batting Cage with Pitching Machine Features:

  • Automatic ball feeder included 
  • Throws all pitch types 
  • Pivots to pitch breaking balls and fastballs
  • Dual Wheel Variable Speed Control
  • Pitches delivered at a speed upwards of 75 mph 
  • Measures 36' in length 12' in width and 10' in height
  • Includes a 36' Xtender Batting Cage
  • Fully Enclosed Wheels provide maximum safety
  • Strong Steel Legs for stability
  • Tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
  • Uses Standard A/C PowerBenefits

Whether you want to master hitting curveballs, sliders, fastballs, changeups or even screwballs, this machine is for you.  In fact, the Heater Deuce even delivers knuckleballs over the plate.  The machine's legs are comprised of tubular steel, meaning they will stand the test of time.  

For High School Players: Jugs BP1 pitching Machine with The "Rookie" Batting Cage Package Deal

A mesh of one of our best selling machines and our best selling batting cage, you really can't go wrong with this package deal. We love the durability and simplicity of the Jugs BP1; it throws from 15-70 mph, does infield and outfield drills and is an overall great fit for any youth league player up to high school. And with the batting cage, we have a durable steel frame, strong polyethylene uv protected net, with an easy setup design. What more could you want?

Package Deal Features:

  • 15-70 mph speed range
  • Great for youth players elementary to high school
  • Great for infield and outfield drills
  • Batting cage built with 1 1/2" steel frame
  • #24 polyethylene netting
  • Comes in various sizes

For High School and College Players: Jr Hack Attack Pitching Machine with "Rookie" Batting Cage

A step up from the Jugs BP1, the Jr Hack Attack fastballs, breaking balls and more at speeds from 70-100 mph. The Jr Hack features 3 wheels, making it a powerful and consistently accurate machine, suitable for players 12 and up (even MLB players use it!) 

Package Deal Features:

  • 70-100 mph speed range
  • Great for players ages 12 and up
  • Throws fastballs, breaking balls, split fingers, and more. 
  • Great for infield and outfield drills
  • Batting cage built with 1 1/2" steel frame
  • #24 polyethylene netting
  • Comes in various sizes
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