Roll Away Batting Cages

Portable Roll Away Turtle Batting Cages by Pitch Pro Direct

Get the most out of your batting practice with a roll away hitting turtle from Pitch Pro Direct! Stop wasting time looking for foul tipped balls in the bleachers and get the most out of your BP!

Our portable batting turtles feature a long arching backstop that hangs over the batter's box that keeps all foul balls from landing behind the field. This helps save time picking up balls and is important for safety - Foul tipped balls that land in the stands can be potentially harmful! 

We carry roll away batting cages from different brands like ProCage, Big Bubba and JayPro. The portable batting cages that we carry from each brand are similar in a lot of ways, but offer different price points and levels of safety.

The more expensive hitting turtles, like the JayPro Big League, have more padding around the support bars to eliminate dangerous ricocheting and thud pads behind the batter's box. The thud pads help absorb balls and strikes not hit by the batter. 

Our least expensive hitting turtle, the JayPro Little Slam, offers minimal foam padding, no vinyl skirts and no thud pads. 

Our best valued roll away batting cage, the ProCage Professional Hitting Turtle, offers the same amount of safety features and quality as the Grand Slam, but with a smaller price tag. The ProCage hitting turtle also features a coach's viewing platform that allows the coach to safely stand behind the batter's box to view pitches coming in. 

  • We'll match anyone's price on hitting turtles
  • Our hitting turtles are the preferred choice of any MLB teams 
  • A rollaway hitting turtle will save you time and allow you to get the most out of each batting practice
  • We offer FREE shipping on all hitting turtles! 
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