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Jr. Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Front View
Jr. Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine
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Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Control Side View
Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine
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Heater Sports Deuce 75 MPH Baseball Pitching Machine Automatic Ball Feeder
Heater Sports Deuce 75 MPH Baseball Pitching Machine
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Spinball 2 Wheel wizard pitching machine front view
Spinball Wizard 2 Wheel Pitching Machine
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Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine With Auto Ballfeeder
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Heater Sports Real 12 inch Softball Machine With Ball Feeder - Pitch Pro Direct
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Heater Sports Slider Lite Baseball Pitching Machine for Kids Front View
Heater Sports Slider Lite Baseball Pitching Machine for Kids
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I Hack Attack Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine rear view
I Hack Attack Programmable Baseball Pitching Machine
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Jugs MVP Baseball And Softball Combo Pitching Machine
Jugs MVP Baseball And Softball Combo Pitching Machine
Sale price$1,769.00 Regular price$1,899.00
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Jugs BP1 Pitching Machine for Baseball
Jugs BP1 Pitching Machine for Baseball or Softball
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Heater Crusher Curve Mini-Ball Pitching Machine Full View
Heater Crusher Curve Mini-Ball Pitching Machine
Sale price$129.99 Regular price$139.99
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Jugs Lite-Flite Baseball Softball Combo Pitching Machine Full View
Jugs Lite-Flite Baseball Softball Combo Pitching Machine
Sale price$749.00 Regular price$999.00
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Heater Pro Real Curveball Pitching Machine with Ball Feeder White Background
Heater Pro Real Curveball Pitching Machine with Ball Feeder
Sale price$549.99 Regular price$599.99
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Heater Real Ball Combo Machine With Auto Ballfeeder - Pitch Pro Direct
Heater Sports Combo Pitching Machine With Ball Feeder
Sale price$649.99 Regular price$699.99
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Jugs PS50 Baseball And Softball Combo Pitching Machine Rear Right Angled View
Jugs PS50 Baseball And Softball Combo Pitching Machine
Sale price$1,074.00 Regular price$1,999.00
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Jr Hack Attack Pitching Machine for Baseball and No Hitter Net Black
Jr Hack Attack + Pitcher's Pocket Package Deal (Save $200+!)
Sale priceFrom $2,829.00 Regular price$2,923.00

Pitching Machines for Sale

Looking for a pitching machine? You've come to the right place! Also referred to as batting machines, a pitching machine is used by many types of baseball players for many different reasons. Our diverse selection of baseball pitching machines is designed to cater to players at all levels – from budding beginners to seasoned pros.

My name is Kevin, and I'm the owner here at Anytime Baseball. We've helped thousands of customers like you find the right pitching machine for their particular needs, so helping you won't be an issue. I've either personally owned, used, or demoed every pitching machine listed here on this page - either on the field, in the batting cage, or at baseball trade shows.

Why Shop With Us?

What sets us apart? Not only do we offer an extensive range of top-brand pitching machines, but we also guarantee the lowest prices plus free shipping. Whether you're eyeing the latest Hack Attack model or just starting and seeking something more affordable, we're here to ensure you find the perfect match to improve your batting skills. Want to replicate fastballs, curveballs, or sliders? Looking for something portable for backyard batting practice or a sturdy, professional-grade machine for serious training? We've got you covered. Here are a few reasons why customers love shopping. with us:

  • Wide Selection - We carry all the top pitching machine brands on the market. If we sell it, you can trust that it has been vetted and will meet your standards.
  • Lowest Prices - We have the lowest prices on baseball pitching machines, guaranteed. If you find a lower price anywhere else, we'll match it.
  • 45-Day Performance Pledge - Most stores and competing websites only offer 14-day returns and charge you restocking fees. Here at Anytime Baseball, we go above and beyond and offer you a 45-day performance pledge return window.
  • FREE Shipping - If it costs over $300, you get free shipping. It's that simple.

Remember, the right pitching machine can completely change your game. It's not just a piece of equipment; it's the next tool that's going to take you to the next level!

Why You Need a Pitching Machine

You've seen them being used by other youth league teams or even heard of them being used in the MLB. You might be wondering if your kid or your team would benefit from using a pitching machine. A pitching machine is an innovative machine that can help any player unlock their full hitting and fielding potential. Let's take a look at the benefits of a pitching machine:

  • Improve your batting average: A pitching machine will help any player, little league or major league, improve their swing, timing, technique, and overall batting average.

  • Consistency - The batter will see strikes every time. This is especially important if the coaches can't throw straight.

  • Confidence - Sometimes, all a kid needs is a little more confidence; making contact with the ball during practice can give them the confidence that they need during their next game.

  • Timing - Most pitching machines can pitch at variable speeds, meaning the machine operator can easily change the pitch speed to keep the batter guessing.

  • Learn How to Hit Breaking Balls - Curveballs, slides, split fingers, and more. Most two and three-wheel machines nowadays can throw every imaginable pitch, allowing the batter to prepare for any pitch they might see.

  • Efficiency - Get more reps in with a machine—more reps = more practice than your competitor.

  • Infield and Outfield Drills - Not all, but most machines nowadays have the capability of throwing ground balls, pop-ups, line drives, and more.

How to Choose The Right Pitching Machine

Selecting the right pitching machine can be as crucial as choosing the right bat or glove – it's an integral part of your training gear. But with so many options available, how do you decide which one is best for you? Here are the 5 main factors to consider before purchasing a pitching machine

#1 - Selecting a Pitching Machine Based on Player's Age

If you're not sure which style of pitching machine you need, you can start by using our age guide below to narrow down your search. We looked over all the baseball pitching machines that we carry and hand-selected the most age-appropriate machines for each age group. You can also use the "Age Level" filter above (if you're on mobile) or to your left (if you're on desktop) to further narrow down your search. 

Generally speaking, for youth players ages 5-8, a one-wheel or a mechanical pitching machine is a great option. One-wheel machines are great pitching machines for Little League. This includes machines like the Heater Sports Basehit youth pitching machine, which is great for young players and costs under $200. Or the Louisville Slugger Blue Flame pitching machine, which is a mechanical pitching machine, meaning it requires no power cords or batteries. 

For players ages 8-12, one and two-wheel machines are both great options. With two-wheel machines, you get more speed, power, and variety of pitches. 2 wheel machines can usually throw in the range of 50-90 mph, throw breaking balls and fastballs (especially when using the correct pitching machine baseballs), as well as infield and outfield drills, and solo drills. We recommend the Heater Deuce 95 automatic pitching machine (great value and great budget option) or the Spinball Wizard 2 machine (great overall quality, built in the USA).

For players ages 12-17+, two and three-wheel machines are great options. We recommend three-wheel machines for this age group because they can throw fastballs and breaking balls at variable speeds from 70-100 mph. Many major league teams use these for batting practice as well. We recommend the Hack Attack Junior and Hack Attack pitching machines. These are the top-rated machines on the market, and customers love them. However, the Spinball and the Jugs 3-wheel baseball pitching machine are not far behind! 

Note: If you're undecided about which pitching machine to buy, we recommend going with the stronger and faster machine so your kid won't grow out of it anytime soon.

Jr. Hack Baseball Pitching Machine

#2 - Features and Capabilities

After considering the player's age and skill level and picking the type of pitching machine you want to purchase, the next step is to make sure it has all the features you need. 

  • Speed Range - How fast (and how slow) can the pitching machine throw? Make sure it is enough to meet your needs.
  • Types of Pitches - When reading product descriptions, pay close attention to what kinds of pitches the machine can throw. Some machines can only throw fastballs while others can throw curveballs, sliders, changeups, and more!
  • Fielding Drills - Most, but not all machines have the ability to throw ground balls, line drives, and pop-ups. If this is a must-have, double-check before you buy. 
  • Ball Feeder - Some machines come with ball feeders, and some cost additional. Ball feeders are especially great for solo practice.

Pitching Machines Features

#3 - Portability and Setup

Consider whether you need a baseball pitching machine that's easy to transport and set up, especially if you'll be moving it between locations or storing it frequently. Some pitching machines are portable and come equipped with wheels, while some are heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to move. Make sure you know before you make your purchase! 

Pitching Machines Portability

#4 Budget

Your budget will play a significant role in your choice. While it's tempting to go for a cheaper option, remember that investing in a higher-quality machine can be more beneficial in the long run.

Also keep in mind that if your kids are young, they will outgrow a cheaper, less advanced machine quickly. It's better to buy a pitching machine they will grow into, rather than one they will outgrow. To learn more about this, check out our article about budget vs. professional-grade pitching machines.

Pitching Machine on the a Budget

#5 - Pitching Machine Reviews

Research brands and read customer reviews. Brands like Hack Attack are known for their quality and durability. Reviews can give you real-life insights into how the machine performs in practice settings. To make things easier for you, we created pages that include customer reviews for each pitching machine brand we carry: 

Pitching Machine Video Reviews

Pitching Machine Success Story -  Hack Attack 3 Pitching Machine Review

Real Customer Success Story - Video Review of the Heater Sports Deuce 75

Video Review of the Bata-2 Pitching Machine

Video Review of the Jugs SP3 Pitching Machine

Pitching Machine Statistics

In a recent study we conducted here at Anytime Baseball, we surveyed 126 customers on the impact of their pitching machine on their performance. We wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how important their pitching was to them, how often they use it, and how much impact it made on their performance. We reached out to our dedicated customer base via email, inviting them to participate in this important study. Below you will find the data that we collected and a brief explanation of the data. To read more about our pitching machine survey, click here.

Recommended Pitching Machine

Pitching Machine Types

Baseball Pitching Machines

The most common pitching machine is a baseball pitching machine. A baseball pitching machine is used specifically for baseball, although some baseball pitching machines come with the capability of switching from baseball to softball.

Some baseball pitching machines can pitch real baseballs, however, some can only throw pitching machine-rated balls or dimpled balls. Make sure to read the owner's manual or give us a call at (888) 466-0009 before loading your pitching machine with real baseballs. Be sure to check out our collection of baseball pitching machines for sale to see our entire line.

To purchase a baseball pitching machine, scroll to the top of the page, click the filter for baseball pitching machine, and use the pitching machine price slider to help you narrow down your search. Before making your decision, make sure you purchase some leather pitching machine balls to get the best performance out of your new machine.

Softball Pitching Machine

The other most commonly used machine is the softball pitching machine. Although softball is not as popular as baseball, in recent years, manufacturers have been making big improvements to the technology behind softball pitching machines. 

We carry both slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball pitching machines. Take a look at our hand-selected collections of slow-pitch softball pitching machines and fast pitch softball pitching machines to find the right one for you.

Have baseball and softball players at home? Be sure to check out our combination pitching machines (pitching machines for baseball and softball) to make sure you get everything you need in one machine.

To purchase a pitching machine for softball, scroll to the top of the page, click the filter for softball pitching machine, and use the price slider to help you narrow down your search. 

Top Pitching Machine Brands

When you're beginning your search to buy the right pitching machine, figuring out what brand you need is a good place to start. So what are the best brands? Let's take a look! 

Heater Sports: You get the most bang for your buck with a Heater pitching machine. They make versatile pitching machines for youth players ages 5 all the way up to high school. Take the Heater Sports Basehit for example, it makes for a great backyard baseball pitching machine. Overall, we vote them as top-value pitching machines on the market.

Sports Attack: The cream of the crop, Sports Attack machines are truly on the cutting edge of pitching machine technology. They're constantly pushing the envelope and improving their products so you can improve your hitting skills. Their machines are used by professional teams all over the country and will improve any hitter's swing, hand-eye coordination, and overall batting average.

Jugs: The biggest name and most popular brand in the baseball training world is Jugs pitching machine. Their blue machines are recognized by anyone who ever played Little League. They have an awesome line of products ranging from single-wheel machines (great for youth leagues and machine pitch leagues) to a high-tech 3-wheel pitching machine. And don't forget their line of Jugs softball pitching machines too, some of the best in the industry. They truly have it all, and their 50 years of being in business shines through with each product they design and manufacture.

BATA: Bata makes some of the most versatile pitching machines on the market. A brand with a rich history that traces back to 1986 when the very first Bata pitching machine was meticulously crafted in the garage of John Grygera. Fast forward, BATA is now one of the leading manufacturers on the market today. 

Rawlings: A name that anyone who has ever played baseball recognizes, Rawlings. They've been around for longer than we've been alive, and they know baseball better than anyone. They make awesome 2 and 3-wheel machines that are suitable for any youth league or professional team. The one downside to their machines is that they tend to be a little more expensive than some customers are willing to pay.

Louisville Slugger: If you're looking for an affordable mechanical pitching machine, Louisville Slugger pitching machines are for you. Their mechanical pitching machines have been authorized for game use by popular youth leagues like Babe Ruth League, Cal Ripken League, Pony Baseball Leagues, and more. Plus, you don't need to connect it to a power outlet! Be sure to check out the Blue Flame cordless pitching machine.

Spinball: One of our favorite two-wheel machines out there is the Spinball Wizard 2. For the quality and price point, you really can't go wrong. Spinball also makes a three wheel machine as well as the Spinball iPitch pitching machine that takes machine technology to the next level! A lot of customers love using the ball feeder option with their Spinball to make it into an automatic pitching machine so they can do solo batting practices.

Iron Mike Pitching Machine: The oldest pitching machine company, Iron Mike is still going strong. They make arm-style pitching machines, which are great for players looking to work on their swing and overall hitting technique. These machines are often used in batting cages and as commercial pitching machines.

Portable Pitching Machines

Before making your buying decision, you should consider the portability of a pitching machine. Consider the weight of the machine, how far you will be carrying it (if at all), and if the pitching machine comes with transport wheels. 

What is a good weight for a pitching machine?

Although the weight of pitching machines varies from 30 lbs - 160 lbs, as a rule of thumb, a good weight for a pitching machine is about 50 - 60 lbs. If a pitching machine weighs more than 60 lbs, you'll either want to make sure it comes with transport wheels, or that a transport kit is available for purchase. 

Need More Help?

Pitching Machines Need Help Ebook Link

If you still need help, here are a few other options for you:

  • Try using the filters to narrow down your search. The filters will be located above if you're on mobile, or to the left if you're on desktop. Filter your search by age level, pitching machine top speed, pitching machine type, whether or not the machine can throw curveballs, price, and brand! 
  • Download our free pitching machine guide here - This guide walks you through how to pick the right baseball machine and walks you through our recommended picks for this season. 
  • Check out our best pitching machines blog post for the top-rated machines for this upcoming season.
  • Talk to an Expert - Send us an instant chat message or give us a call at (888) 466-0009 anytime Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 4 PM.
  • Send us an email at at any time, and we usually get back to customers within 12-24 hours!