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Best Baseball Bags for this Upcoming Season

Looking a for a quality baseball bag? Check out our list of the best baseball bags for this coming seas, and learn what the best size bags are, best bag styles and more!

Best Baseball Bags

Sports are meant to be enjoyed, and a baseball bag can make a ball player’s life a lot simpler. A quality baseball bag will reduce the time and effort required to transport your baseball equipment around and it can keep it safe and secure.

But what kind of baseball bag is right for you? Which bags are the best baseball bags?

While a bag might seem simple, there’s plenty of variation and different features to be found. A baseball bag comes in various sizes and functionalities including backpacks, wheeled bags, bat bags, handheld bags, and position-specific bags like those for a catcher.

What You Will Learn

In this article, we’ll cover the top baseball bags on the market today. We'll also cover the top brands, best bag types, materials, sizes and more!

 1. Athletico Baseball Bat Bag


Athletico Baseball Bat Bag
Athletico Baseball Bat Bag


This bag perhaps one of the best baseball bags if you are on a budget, coming in at just $12.99. While it’s compact it can still fit two bats and has room for a batting helmet and other baseball equipment. This is a tote bag, so you will have to carry it with your hands. 


  • Can fit two baseball bats in a separate compartment
  • The large main compartment will fit all baseball gear including a baseball helmet, gloves, etc.
  • Coated with water-resistant 600 Denier Polyester
  • Easy storage thanks to its fence hook
  • Comes with a personal pocket to store items like your phone and wallet
  • Available in four colors, black, blue, red, and pink


  • Designed for youth players, not suitable for adults

If you need an inexpensive but functional option, this Athletico Bag is hard to beat. With its water resistance, it will be able to make it through rainy conditions and keep your equipment dry and protected. If you only need storage for two bats, this should certainly be on your shortlist.

2. Athletico Baseball Bat Bag Backpack


Athletico Baseball Bat Bag Backpack
Athletico Baseball Bat Bag Backpack


Another one from Athletico, but this one is a backpack bat bag. Some might prefer the backpack style to a tote bag for its added convenience and the ability to take the weight off your arm after a long practice session. It has similar features and storage size to the previous Athletico baseball bag and can store two bats. Athletico designed the bag to fit all the required baseball equipment.


  • Two pockets to store your bats
  • Store on the fence with a built-in fence hook
  • Spacious main compartment will fit your helmet and more
  • Stays dry with water-resistant fabric
  • Vented pockets to store your dirty cleats after a game or practice
  • Pocket to store your phone and other personal items
  • Carry your equipment comfortably with padded straps


  • Some customers reported zippers breaking easily

If you prefer the backpack style, this might be the right bag for you. Its many features add very user-friendly options with the vented pockets to store dirty shoes and clothes a big plus. It is durable, functional and has received rave reviewers from baseball and softball players.

 3. Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Bat Pack


Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Bat Pack
Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Bat Pack


Louisville Slugger may be the best-known name in the baseball equipment game, so it’s no surprise one of their products finds its way on our top ten list. This baseball backpack is not only durable but also sleekly designed and fashionable. It has great versatility with storage for up to four bats, and it is suitable for catchers gear sets with a large compartment that can fit a face mask. If you want a high-end baseball backpack, look no further than this one from Louisville Slugger.


  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 14 inches; 3 Pounds
  • Spacious main compartment large enough to store a catcher’s facemask, glove, cleats, and other baseball equipment
  • Designed with molded neoprene bat sleeves to store and protect four bats
  • Keep personal items in the fleece-lined internal pocket
  • Hang your bag on the fence with a durable J-Hook
  • Comfortable to carry with foam-padded shoulder straps
  • Removable panel to customize your bag
  • Easy access and organization thanks to an interior shelf with pockets


  • Some customers reported their bag ripping after a few months

This baseball bag is top-of-the-line and an investment in this bag won’t disappoint. It is a great size and made of high-quality material, so not only are you getting good value on the bag, but you’ll save money by protecting your other equipment.

4. DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Baseball Bag


DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Baseball Bag
DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Baseball Bag


If you love the DeMarini brand but prefer a wheeled baseball bag over a backpack then you’re in luck with this one. Similar to the Bownet bucket bag, the Momentum bag also has more room for bats and baseball equipment than the Demarini backpack as this wheeled bag can fit four bats. For some players added protection for bats is a big benefit, and this wheeled bag offers just that with the ability to store all bats completely in the bag.


  • Dimensions: 36" L x 11" W x 10.5" H
  • Main component is big enough to store a helmet, glove, and other gear
  • Removable panels for team customization
  • Two fence hooks to store your bag off the ground
  • Separate compartments for cleats and other gear
  • Easy to unzip with large #10 zippers on the main opening


  • High price point


While baseball bags like this are not designed for catchers, the ability to store four bats and all your gear in a compact bag will be a selling point for many players. It is also high quality with durable wheels so you can wheel your baseball equipment no matter where you’re playing.

5. Boombah Superpack Bat Pack


Boombah Superpack Bat Pack
Boombah Superpack Bat Pack


Unlike the other previous baseball bags and backpacks on this list, this bag from Boombah can store four bats. With robust zippers and high-quality material, it’s a bag you can trust to hold up in the long run. Since it comes in all black it will also be forgiving to the rough circumstances that baseball bags are often put through.


  • Dimensions: 23.5" x 13.5" x 9.5”
  • Hang your bag up with reinforced J-Hooks
  • Store up to 4 bats 
  • Separate compartment for dirty cleats or shoes
  • Longevity with Nylon Rip stop construction and durable zippers


  • Not recommended for catchers

The ability to hold more bats and baseball equipmen while keeping the backpack style is enough to earn this bag’s spot on our top ten list. Heavy-duty construction and durability also set it apart as a high-quality option from a trusted company.

6. Easton Walk-Off IV Baseball Backpack



Easton Walk-Off IV Baseball Backpack
Easton Walk-Off IV Baseball Backpack


This Easton backpack holds two bats and has a unique helmet pouch outside the bag that keeps this bag compact. The external helmet couch makes the bag roomier on the inside with more space to store other equipment that you want to protect from the elements. Unique features and the ability for customization make the Walk-Off an interesting option for ballplayers.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 9 inches; 2 Pounds
  • The helmet pouch on the outside of the bag allows for more room in the main compartment
  • Fence hook to hang up your bag in the dugout
  • Vented shoe compartment to separate smelly shoes from other gear
  • Pocket at the top of the bag for personal items
  • Zippered pockets on both bat sleeves for added personal item storage
  • Comes in 14 colors
  • Space to insert a customized logo


  • None

Baseball bags like these are among the most functional on the list with plenty of storage for equipment and personal items. The option to carry your helmet outside of the bag along with your bats will help with organization and efficiency.

7. Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Batpack Bag


Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Batpack Bag
Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Batpack Bag


Franklin is another storied baseball equipment brand with a long history of making high-quality baseball equipment and gear. This bag is suitable for all ages, but it’s MLB branding will make it a particular hit with younger players. A backpack with space to hold two bats, this Franklin bag is a great affordable option.


  • Large storage area that can fit a face mask, batting helmet, and more
  • Mesh ventilation that allows gloves and shoes to air out after a game or practice
  • Fence hook to use in the dugout
  • Exterior storage for two bats 
  • Two pockets for personal items
  • Dimensions: 19.25 inches x 14.00 inches x 7.25 inches


  • Designed for youth players

The design makes it look like a normal backpack, but the large storage capacity and MLB logo give it away as a top-notch baseball bag. It’s simple yet efficient and comes with the most important features without getting overly complicated.  

How to Choose the Right Baseball Bag

As you can see from this shortlist, there’s plenty of variety in baseball bags, indicating that player’s wants and needs are different. So how do you know which are the best baseball bags? We’ll summarize our best recommendations here.

Baseball Bag Size

Bag size is crucially important. For example, catchers will often want a bigger bag to fit their face mask and glove. But other positions also need to consider how big the bag is.

Do you need storage for two bats or four? Different bags also offer different options in terms of bat storage as most backpacks will have exterior bat sleeves while bigger handheld bags or wheeled bags allow you to carry your bats completely covered.

For example, if you like the backpack style but want to store four bats, the Boombah Superpack Bat Pack will fit your needs the best.

Youth players will also often want a bag specifically targeted towards young players as they won’t be overwhelmed by the weight and size of the bag.

For kids, the Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag or a youth specific bag like the Franklin Sports Junior Equipment Bag are both highly recommended.

Other additional features can also determine what bag you choose. If you need plenty of personal space and want to store your helmet externally, the Easton Walk-Off IV backpack might be the way to go.

Other additional features to look out for are customization, water resistance, removability, and fence hooks. 

Baseball Bag Style - Which is Right for You?

Another functionality to consider is the style of the bag. In this list, we included wheel bags, tote/handheld bags, and backpacks. Each style comes with its pros and cons.

We mentioned this before, but it’s worth going into more depth about the different styles of bag. The main three mentioned in our article are handheld bags, wheeled bags, and backpacks (aka batpacks).  

Handheld Baseball Bags

Handheld baseball bags work a lot like a duffel bag but with added functionality for baseball purposes. They are particularly handy if you are looking for extra storage, perhaps to keep your bats enclosed in the bag and protected from the weather.

But this increased storage capacity for bats does not have to bring increased weight and bulk. For example, the Athletico Baseball Tote Bag can hold two bats internally in the bag, but its design reduces bulk and will make for a more lightweight carry.

Wheeled Baseball Bags

If you are looking for increased size or better mobility, a wheeled baseball bag is likely the baseball bag you are looking for. Similar to a handheld bag, a wheeled bag will often give you the option to store your bat in the bag rather than in an outside pouch or sleeve. But since you have wheels, adding a bit of extra weight is not a hindrance.

Wheeled bags often have more storage space, so they are the best option if you carry more gear to your games or practices. The wheels also relieve you from carrying the weight around on your back or shoulder, giving you some rest before or after hitting the diamond. And as you can tell by its place on our list, the Easton E610W Wheeled Bag is our favorite wheeled baseball bag.

Baseball Backpacks / Batpacks 

The baseball backpack/batpack is perhaps the most popular on your local baseball field, and it’s why we’ve featured this type of bag heavily on our list.

For most, it’s the most convenient type of baseball bag, often coming with exterior bat storage. They are designed to be compact while still including plenty of storage space for helmets and other gear. They earn high marks from players as they are easy to carry and store while still including space for all the essentials.

You can’t go wrong with any backpack on this list, and the most versatile is probably the Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Bat Pack.

It is also important to note the unique needs of a catcher when purchasing a baseball bag. Catchers will likely want more storage to carry their facemask, chest protector, and shin guards. A larger wheeled or handheld bag might be the best option for a catcher as they can ensure they’ll have enough space for their gear. 

A larger wheeled or handheld bag like the Easton E610W Wheeled Bag might be the best option for a catcher as they can ensure they’ll have enough space for their gear.

The Right Baseball Bags to Fit Your Budget

And finally, and often most importantly, we’ll talk about price. If you are looking for a budget option, there are several bags on this list that still meet the most important requirements with high-quality. The Athletico Baseball Tote Bag is our second on this list in large part due to its combination of great quality and affordability at $12.99.

But if you are looking for a long-term investment, bags like the Easton E610W Wheeled Bag and the Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Bat Pack will last for the long haul.

Spending more upfront can help with more than just the longevity of the bag. A top-of-the-line bag will also help protect your bats, gloves, helmet, and glove and reduce the wear and tear on these important items.

Final Words

While you might not use it on the field, a quality baseball bag goes a long way to improving your performance on the field and making sure you’re ready to play. The right bag can free you from worry and keep you organized and focused on your game. Keeping all your equipment clean and working is also easier if you have the right bag that fits your needs. Based on your personal requirements, there’s a bag for almost any baseball, softball, or tee-ball player on this.


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