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Best Baseball Training Aids Your Kid Needs This Season [2024]

Looking for a baseball training aid that will take you to the next level? Read through our comprehensive list of best baseball training aids, including hitting aids, pitching aids, and more!
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Best Baseball Practice Equipment

If you are on the prowl for baseball training aids, you have come to the right place.  We have sorted through the many options to pinpoint the best baseball training tools, including swing analyzers, swing trainers, pitching nets, hitting teespitching targets, 9-hole pitching pocketsweighted balls, protective screens, and more. 

Baseball training equipment is available to improve ability in terms of batting, pitching, and fielding.  Our team has whittled down the pack, highlighting the cream of the crop in terms of brand, model, intended use, price, and, most importantly, merit in the context of improving baseball skills.

Sort through the baseball training aids highlighted below, pick up a couple for yourself or your youngster, and it won't take long to notice a meaningful improvement.  Without further ado, let's take a look at the top baseball training aids.

1. No Hitter Net 9 Hole Pitching Net


No Hitter Net 9 Hole Pitching Net


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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pitch baseballs directly into durable pockets, each of which represents a segment of the strike zone without needing a person to serve as your catcher? That's now possible with the No Hitter Net 9 hole pitching net. This convenient and easy to use pitching tool will help any pitcher improve their location command without the need of a catcher or a coach.

 The entirety of the pockets symbolize the size of a real batter’s strike zone. In fact, this pitcher's pocket is even built with adjustable legs that can be moved to shift the strike zone to varying heights, each of which corresponds to batters of varying sizes. The Pitcher’s Pocket is popular to the point that college teams and some MLB teams use it for practice.  

No Hitter Net Features

  • Height of 2 feet, 6 inches
  • Width of 1 foot, 10 inches
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • 9 pockets to represent the strike zone
  • Made with 14 gauge steel

2. TAP Pitcher's Friend Resistance Tubing

TAP Pitcher's Friend Resistance Tubing

To keep your pitching arm in tip-top shape, you need to loosen, activate, strengthen and stretch all the muscles in your upper body and arms. That’s where the Pitcher's Friend Resistance Tubing comes in. This piece of baseball training equipment functions similar to resistance bands and have a low impact on joints while it can be used to strengthen and stretch your throwing arm in a safe and controlled manner.

It can be used both for strength training, injury prevention, and as a pre-pitching or pre-throwing workout. It’s designed for pitchers, but any baseball player can get great use out of this equipment. Player health and longevity are getting more and more attention these days, and this piece of equipment will help you improve your durability and get you ready to take the field.

Baseball Training Equipment Features

  • Padded wrist bands
  • Easily cleaned synthetic leather
  • Five-foot sections of resistance tubing
  • Portable
  • Five resistance levels
  • Also can be used by athletes in swimming, tennis, volleyball, and golf

    3. King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer


    King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer


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    Pitching is a chain reaction and each motion on your body fuels the next motion.  Leg drive creates energy that fuels your lower half, which increases upper body acceleration, which increases arm speed and ultimately velocity. 

    The King of the Hill pitching tool helps pitchers use their legs properly and draw more power from their lower half to pitch harder and more efficiently. The additional force created from training with the King of the Hill pitching trainer transfers from the legs to the pitcher's arm, taking stress off the arm while increasing velocity. 

    Pitching Trainer Features:

    • Create more energy with bottom half of body
    • Transfer energy from bottom half to arm, creating more velocity
    • Trainer gives instant audible feedback on pitching form

      4. Tanner Original Adjustable Batting Tee


      Tanner Original Adjustable Batting Tee


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      Introducing the Original Tanner batting tee, a renowned industry leader known for its exceptional quality and innovative design. Crafted with precision and durability, this tee features a unique hand-rolled Flextop that ensures hitters feel the ball, not the top of the tee, upon contact. This enhances muscle memory, refines mechanics, and amplifies power in every swing. To view the best batting tees, check out this article!

        5. TAP Shoulder Tube

        TAP Shoulder Tube

        You see all kinds of professional athletes with this type of shoulder tube and for good reason. It is used for warm-up activities, recovery, and shoulder strength training. It’s a simple piece of equipment that any athlete will get the hang of in no time. To use it, you hold the tube out with your arm and shake it back and forth.

        This motion and the tube create oscillations that activate your muscles and provide resistance against them. It has a solid flexible shaft with cylindrical end-weights at both ends and a cushioned hand grip at its center, so it is comfortable to use. Overall, it increases arm strength and health, promoting a longer and healthier playing career.


        • Increases shoulder strength and blood flow
        • Use in recovery, warm, or strength training
        • Suitable for any athlete

        6. Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Mechanical Pitching Machine


        Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Mechanical Pitching Machine


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        This Louisville Slugger tee training system is exactly what you or your little one need to become a better batter.  The tee system is built with a telescoping arm that can be adjusted for batters of varying heights.  Whether you have an entire team of little leaguers who need to practice their swings or if you are the coach of a college or professional baseball team, you will get considerable use out of this soft toss machine. 

        The machine is compact and designed to collapse to ensure you can train from any location regardless of whether you have a partner to lend a helping hand.  It does not matter if the batter is four feet tall or seven feet tall – this soft toss machine’s telescoping arm is adjustable to accommodate hitters of every height.  The machine is even complex to the point that its adjustable timer releases at your preferred interval ranging from 10 seconds to 8 seconds and all the way down to 6 seconds. There are other pitching machines, like Iron Mike pitching machines, that would be great for helping your kid with their swing as well! 

        Training Aids are the Missing Piece to Your Baseball Puzzle

        Baseball training equipmenti is exactly what you need to meet your potential as a hitter, pitcher or fielder.  Make use of one or several of the training aids detailed above and you will find your hand-eye coordination significantly improves, translating to better performance on the diamond. The beauty of baseball training equipment also lies in the fact that they replace other players and coaches, ensuring you can practice on your own regardless of your location, time of day and other factors. 

        The Benefits of a Baseball Training Tool

        • Enhances batting skills: Baseball training aids are designed to focus on specific aspects of batting, such as swing mechanics, timing, and precision. Using these aids consistently helps players refine their overall batting skills.

        • Improves hand-eye coordination: Many training aids involve tracking and hitting moving objects, which can significantly improve a player's hand-eye coordination. This skill is crucial for connecting with pitches accurately.

        • Refines pitch recognition: Training aids can simulate various pitch types, speeds, and trajectories. By practicing with these aids, players can become better at recognizing different pitches during actual games.

        • Develops muscle memory: Repetitive use of training aids helps players develop muscle memory for proper swing techniques. This muscle memory becomes automatic during games, leading to more consistent performance.

        • Increases swing speed and power: Some baseball hitting aids are designed to increase a player's swing speed and power. These aids help build the necessary strength and mechanics for powerful hits.

        • Provides consistent practice opportunities: Training aids offer consistent practice opportunities, allowing players to work on their batting skills even when they can't practice with a pitcher.

        • Builds confidence for game situations and win more: Improved skills and confidence gained through training aids can positively impact a player's performance during actual games, leading to better results and a more enjoyable baseball experience.

        Baseball Hitting Aids – Additional Considerations

        When you are considering a baseball hitting aid, square your focus on the component of your swing that you would like to enhance.  There are all sorts of unique factors that play a role in the success of your swing.

        Zero in on your swing’s shortcomings, shift your focus to the baseball training aids specifically designed to shore up those weaknesses and it won’t take long to improve your batting average as well as your power at the plate.

        Side Note: We considered adding in some of our expensive, top of the line pitching machines as training aids, but we decided to leave that in our top 10 best pitching machine guide here. 

        Final Words on Baseball Training Aids

        Swing trainers can greatly sharpen your reflexes and enhance your muscle memory by training with baseball aids and the payoff will come in the form of improved pitching, fielding and hitting in actual games. Find the trainer that suits your needs and you will find your baseball skills improve in surprisingly little time. For more help with pitching training, check out our curated collection of pitching training aids here. 

        KEVIN M. KING

        Founder / Senior Contributor

        Kevin King, founder of Anytime Baseball Supply and senior contributor of the Daily Diamond blog, started the company 7 years ago. He loves the Los Angeles Dodgers, playing the occasional pick up baseball game, skateboarding and his dog Panzer. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to contribute to the blog.

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        Andrew Freedman

        Andrew Freedman

        I’m surprised to see the Flyball 500 isn’t on here. I saw my sons coach using one so I bought one for myself and train with him all the time. It’s oddly fun for me too.

        I’m surprised to see the Flyball 500 isn’t on here. I saw my sons coach using one so I bought one for myself and train with him all the time. It’s oddly fun for me too.

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