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Top 10 Best Little League & Youth Portable Pitching Mounds

Oct 22, 2021 0 comments

Best Little League Pitching Mounds for this Upcoming Season

If you want your youth baseball players to compete in Little League, you must have a field that meets the league’s specifications. In order to meet these requirements, you’ll likely be shopping for a Little League-approved pitching mound. A high-quality pitching mound will protect your players and prepare them for the next level. We’ll look at the ten best Little League pitching mounds below, so your field can host regulation Little League tournaments and games.

Top 10 Best Little League Pitching Mounds

1. Portolite Mound 10" Baseball Pitching Mounds 9950


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    Second on our list is a mound from Portolite, a company that heavily relies on design feedback from pitchers. This is ranked highly on our list due to the product’s impressive durability and Portolite’s sterling reputation in the industry. While it is a portable mound, it is designed to give the players the same feeling as pitching on a regulation mound. However, this comes with the added benefit of easy removal.


    • Covered in high-quality nylon
    • Comes in green or clay color
    • Pitching rubber has a hidden “wear pad” to increase the longevity of the rubber
    • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Size: 10"H x 11’3”L x 7’7"W
    • Weight: 200 Lbs

    The smart design of this Portolite mound is what makes it one of the best you can find. It has gentle slopes and smooth tapered edges, so players are less likely to fall and injure themselves. Additionally, the core is reinforced with fiberglass to remove the bounce of the mound, but the soft cushion of the mound reduces knee injuries. Overall, this is really a pitcher’s dream of a mound.

    2. PortoLite 8" Full Length Portable Game Pitching Mound


    The largest Portolite mound on this list, this is a premium quality mound for older youth pitchers. Much like the other Portolite mounds, this mound is designed with durability and player safety in mind. If you have other Portolite mounds, your players will be familiar with this mound, and it can prepare them for the high school and college game.


    • Fiberglass reinforcement
    • Nylon Astroturf
    • Gentle slopes and tapered edges
    • Hidden wear pad to protect pitching rubber
    • 10-year warranty
    • Size: 8" H x 10’5" L x 7'W
    • Weight: 180 Lbs.

    If you have more money in your budget, we recommend going with a Portolite mound. They make their mounds with the highest quality materials and boast that their pitching rubbers last ten years longer than any other pitching rubber on the market.

    3. True Pitch 6” Little League Youth Baseball Pitching Mound 202-6A


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      One of the most versatile youth pitching mounds on the market, this mound is approved for both Little League and Babe Ruth League games. It is made of reinforced fiberglass and covered with astroturf, so it can withstand all weather conditions and is very durable. Weighing in at 180 pounds, it’s designed to be easily transported making it a great option for fields that host multiple age groups. Additionally, the turf can easily be replaced, adding to the life cycle of this great pitching mound.


      • Option for clay or green color
      • Works with all cleats except metal
      • Replaceable turf cover
      • Durable fiberglass with a 6-year warranty
      • Suitable for kids aged 9-12
      • Size: 6″ H x 6’10″ W x 9’2″ L

      This mound from True Pitch is considered one of the best on the market due to its high quality materials and exceptional durability. Young pitchers will be comfortable and safe on this sturdy mound, and grounds crew and coaches can easily set up and move the mound as needed.

      4. True Pitch Portable Pitching Mound Model# 202-4


      Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

      Once again we turn to True Pitch, a company with over 50 years of experience providing high-quality baseball equipment. This mound is designed for younger players from ages 6 to 9. Similar to the other True Pitch mound it is reinforced with fiberglass and covered with Astroturf. If you’re looking to get young pitchers familiar with a pitching mound, it the best practice option for this age group out there.


      • Suitable for kids aged 6-9 years old
      • Can be used indoors or outdoors
      • Weighs only 70 pounds, so it is easy to move
      • Reinforced fiberglass base
      • Size: 4” High x 44” wide x 64” long

      It’s never too early for a young ballplayer to learn how to effectively use a pitching mound. This is a sturdy mound, so you can safely train young pitchers to prepare them for the next step in their game.

      5. Portolite 4-Inch Stride Off Game Pitching Mound 4434


      Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

      So far this is the best budget option on our list, but it still comes with the high quality you expect from Portolite. It’s the lightest Portolite mound at only 25 pounds, so coaches can quickly move it on and off the field. This is a small mound best suited for younger players, but while it’s small in size it still is made with great materials. Made with fiberglass, poly, and Astroturf, this mound is built to last.


      • Gentle slope and smooth tapered edges
      • Hidden wear pad to protect pitching rubber
      • Suitable for kids aged 8-12
      • 10-year warranty
      • Design reduces knee and ankle strain
      • Dimensions : 4”H x 34”W x 46”L
      • Weight: 25 lbs.

      If you’re on a budget, this mound is the best bang for your buck. Portolite shows that you don’t have to sacrifice durability and player safety to have a high-quality youth pitching mound.

      6. Portolite 6-Inch Full-Length Game Pitching Mound 6107


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      Another Portolite mound in the company’s Stride Off line, but this one is slightly larger at 6” and comes at a more premium price point. It has a comfortable built-in pitching rubber that pitchers will take to with ease. This is also for slightly older players with Portolite recommending the products use for players from age 10-14. Different from the other Portolite mounds on our list so far, this mound uses reinforced EPP foam technology to increase its durability.


      • Built-in pitching rubber
      • Tapered edges
      • Hidden wear pad to protect rubber
      • Available in green or clay
      • Weight: 110 lbs.
      • Dimensions:  6"Hx108"Lx60"W
      • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

      When young players get older, they start demanding higher quality equipment in their quest to reach the next level. This Portolite mound is a great option to help your young pitchers get the most out of their game time and keep them safe with intelligent design choices.

      7. Allstar 6" Portable Youth Game/ Practice Pitching Mound


      Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

      This mound is designed for players aged 8-12 and meets Little League requirements. It’s a very lightweight option for a game-approved mound, weighing in at only 90 pounds. Allstar constructed this mound with lightweight fiberglass and composite materials to make it both lightweight and sturdy. Additionally, the fiberglass is spike-resistant, so it will last for many seasons.


      • Clay or green color options
      • Removable white pitching block
      • Dimensions: 53" W x 75" L x 6" tall
      • Weight: 90 pounds

      This mound is also designed with player safety in mind. The smooth design ensures that players are less likely to turn an ankle while pitching. The mound is covered with high-quality nylon Astroturf that can withstand both sunny and rainy days.

      8. Allstar Portable 8" Youth Pitching Mound for Little League


      Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

      This Allstar mound is similar to its 6” counterpart but at a bigger size, it’s suitable for older youth baseball players, namely those 12 & up. In total, the mound is 101” long, so players will land on the cushioned mound rather than the dirt of the diamond. This makes it perfect for older youth players who are starting to increase their pitch count and need to preserve their knees and ankles.


      • Durable design with high-quality fiberglass and Astroturf
      • Available in green or clay
      • Removable pitching rubber
      • Dimensions: 66" W x 101" L x8" tall
      • Weight: 160 lbs.
      • 68" from rubber to edge

      When young pitchers reach the age of 12 & up, they need plenty of practice pitching from a mound. This portable mound from Allstar simulates a college or professional mound very well, and a mound of this quality will contribute to a young player’s pitching improvement.

      9. Pitch Pro 486 6" Portable Youth Game Pitching Mound


      Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

      Pitch Pro has been making pitching mounds since 1985, and they designed this one for players aged 8-14. It perfectly meets Little League requirements, and it is also designed to simulate an MLB pitching mound with scaled-down dimensions for younger players. Also, it’s long enough so players will stay on the cushioned mound when pitching, and it’s wide enough for players to pick off base runners.


      • Portable (2 people can carry it)
      • Suitable for players aged 8-14
      • Weather and UV resistant
      • 10-year warranty on mound core
      • Weight: 115 lbs
      • Dimensions: 6" H x 8' L x 4' W

      This is a great, versatile mound and Pitch Pro designed it with tournament directors in mind. It’s suitable for a wide range of ages, so if you’re running a tournament or program, you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

      10. Allstar Little League 6" Portable Youth Game Pitching Mound


      Buy from Anytime Baseball Supply

        Another entry from Allstar, this mound is one of the company’s best sellers. It is spike-resistant and built with industrial-grade fiberglass composite. As it is removable and portable, it can be used in both games and practice and will set your pitchers up for success on game day.


        • Available in green or clay
        • Nylon Astroturf
        • Removable pitching rubber
        • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
        • Dimensions: 82" W x 109"L x 6" tall
        • Weight: 200 lbs.

        This is a sturdy mound that weighs more than other portable Little League mounds, but if you don’t need to move your mound as much this is a great option. Since it’s on the heavier side, it’s one of the most durable you’ll find on the market.

        Buying Guide

        What Little League pitching mound you need depends on what kind of use it will get. Below we’ll walk you through the most important features to consider.

        Player age and height

        Older players are bigger and therefore need larger mounds to simulate an MLB mound, while you should use much more compact mounds for younger players. This helps both protect the player from injuries and best simulate what it feels like to pitch at a higher level. If you’re looking for a mound that is suitable for a wide range of ages, it’s best to go with a more general medium-size mound. 

        Height is also an important factor to consider, and if you have tall pitchers in a younger age group, you might want to buy a larger practice mound for them.

        Remember that different ages of little league require different mound sizes, so be sure that the dimensions of the mound you purchase meets all league requirements.

        Construction / Materials

        Most of the mounds on this list are made with high-quality fiberglass and astroturf. Cheaper mounds will often have cardboard and other poor materials that will break down easily. 

        There are a lot of mounds out there that are priced very low, attracting a lot of customers. However, these mounds are often made out of wood and don’t last very long. These kinds of mounds become soggy and break down over time, which can be potentially dangerous to a young pitcher.

        All of our recommendations are from well-respected manufacturers and feature great materials that increase the mound’s lifespan.


        If you’re running a tournament your mounds are going to be transported often, so you want to look at some of the lightest options available. Baseball programs and schools also may need to change out the mound based on what age group is playing. All of the above mounds are portable, but they come in significantly different weights.

        While some mounds will be easy to move for just one person, mounds closer to 150 pounds will need to be transported by two people. So be sure to keep in mind how often you will be moving the mound around, and make your purchasing decisions accordingly. 

        It is also worth noting that some little league pitching mounds that we sell come in 2 pieces, like the Portolite two piece 10” game mound, which makes it much easier to move on and of the field. 


        It’s important to look at the size of the mound as different age groups will need different size dimensions. But, it’s also important to look at how long and wide a mound is. If you really want to reduce injuries to pitchers, a long and wide mound will reduce the pressure players exert on their knees and ankles.

        It is also important to consider the length of the sides of the mound. If you want your pitcher to do pick offs and have their front leg still land on the slope of the mound, you may want to purchase one of our larger mounds. 


        Slope is very important for a portable pitching mound because the best portable mounds replicate the slope of a real field. Mounds that promote their gentle slope are a safe bet as the manufacturer has put clear thought into this need.


        Our list includes a wide variety of Little League-approved pitching mounds that are suitable for different ages and skill levels. If you know what mound you need, there is a safe choice in this list for you that will deliver great results for your players. When you’re watching your players take the mound, you’ll have peace of mind that you have a high-quality pitching mound that will protect your players and give them the best chance to show off their skills.

        Amanda DiSilvestro

        Kevin King

        Kevin King is the founder of Anytime Baseball a Dodger fan and a lover of all things baseball.

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