Backyard Batting Cage Ideas & Inspiration (Our top 6 picks)

Backyard Batting Cage Ideas & Inspiration (Our top 6 picks)

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6 Backyard Batting Cages for Inspiration

Maybe you’ve been thinking about setting up your own batting cage in your backyard. Maybe you want to build your own batting cage or buy a batting cage package and assemble it in your yard. You’ve thought about the space constraints, how you're going to build it, which products you might put in there - maybe a batter's box? An L-screen? Maybe even a pitching machine? 

But how do other people’s backyard batting cage build-outs look? What should a backyard batting cage look like, how can you best utilize the space you have in your yard, and how can you best utilize the budget you have to work with? 

If these are questions you have been asking yourself, read on because, in this article, we will go over 6 of our favorite customer’s backyard batting cage build-outs that may serve as inspirations for your future build! 

The batting cages we feature in this post will span from inexpensive build-outs (Less than $1,000) for youth players to high-end quality batting cages complete with all the bells and whistles ($10,000).

Without further ado, let's see some of our favorite customer's backyard batting cage build-out!

Marc's 26 ft. Custom Backyard Batting Cage

Our first and one of our favorite overall buildouts is from one of our customers, Marc. Marc needed a place for his kids to play ball and work on their swing during the pandemic, so he decided to build out a batting cage in his backyard! 

To make room, Marc had to get rid of the existing gazebo and fireplace before digging out holes for the support beams and pouring concrete (see pictures below).

Backyard Batting Cage ideas
Custom Batting Cage Setup

Then they leveled the ground, installed the cage, and installed a 450-watt flood light so they could play anytime! Oh yeah, did we mention that they live in sunny Southern California? So they can really train year-round. 

Check out Marc’s custom backyard batting cage buildout below! 

Custom Batting Cage Build
Evening Ball Practice with Batting Cage
Feeling inspired to build a batting cage like Marc's? These are the products he has set up in his cage: 

The cage itself is pretty much a DIY batting cage; the poles were purchased separately and installed, and then a #42 net was hung from the poles, creating an awesome and sturdy cage! This cage is an estimated 36' L x 15' W. 

Let us know what you think of Marc's custom DIY batting cage in the comment section below, and let us know your plans for your backyard cage! 

Bryan's 26' Backyard Power Alley

Next on our list is Bryan's backyard batting cage. Originally, Bryan had built a DIY 12' x 26' batting cage out of old chain link fencing and used a canvas tarp as a backstop (very intuitive!) with a jugs soft toss machine. However, his town got hit by a hurricane, and the DIY batting cage was left in ruins. 

Then, he opted to purchase a batting cage from Anytime Baseball, going with the Heater Sports Power Alley 22 ft. backyard batting cage. In the picture below, you can see his new batting cage setup with a batting tee, throw-down home plate, and the Jugs Soft Toss machine. Not a bad way to practice! 

Small Backyard Batting Cage Ideas

We almost forgot to mention Bryan's son made All Stars this past year (after breaking 4 wooden bats)! Having a batting cage sure makes a difference! 

 Like Bryan's backyard setup? Here's a list of the products used in his batting cage:

Matt's Backyard Xtender Batting Cage

Next up, we have Matt's backyard batting cage. We love how simple yet effective this setup is; only having to purchase one packaged product, this 24' Xtender batting cage and the Basehit pitching machine can really give your kids what they need to start practicing on a consistent basis. 

Matt works as an aviation rescue swimmer for the United States Navy and is a firm believer in hard work and putting in practice at anything you do. He wanted to teach these values to his children, so he provided them with this backyard batting cage where they were able to put in consistent practice. 

He also told us that when he is out on deployment, his wife can easily help operate the pitching machine and help get the kids the practice they need, even when he's gone! We really love the simplicity of the Heater Sports Basehit pitching machine for this reason.

Now his son is switch hitting, has taken up catching, and his daughter gets in the cage sometimes to practice too! 


Check out Matt's batting cage setup!

 backyard batting cage ideas

Power Alley Batting Cage with Basehit Machine

Matt with his Kids

Thanks for sharing your batting cage setup, Matt! And thank you for your service! 


Like Matt's backyard batting cage setup? Check out which products he's using in his cage:

Charlie's Baseball Barn

Next up, we have a very unique batting cage setup. Charlie converted his 80' barn into a DIY batting cage facility equipped with turf, netting, L-screens, pitching machines, and more, creating a place for kids in his local area to come and train. 

Charlie told us that 12 local baseball teams, from ages 8u-17u, use the Baseball Barn to train. Considering that Charlie built and paid for this himself, this is pretty awesome! We applaud Charlie and people like him who give back to their local communities and who give back to the sport of Baseball. Thank you, Charlie!

Check out Charlie's DIY Batting Cage / Baseball Barn! 

Batting Cage Layout area

Indoor Frameless Batting Cage

Indoor Ceiling Hung Batting Cage

 Like Charlie's Baseball Barn? These are the products he used to build out his batting cage setup. 


Tony's Backyard Turf DIY Batting Cage

Next, we have Tony's DIY backyard batting cage. We really love how he utilized this small space to create an awesome batting cage!

Even with a space constraint, he found a way to fit in a nice-sized batting cage by setting up his own DIY batting cage with poles, netting, and turf.

And if you look closely, you can see where he painted a DIY batter's box, threw down a home plate mat, and put a rubber backstop to protect his netting, all while creating a strike zone. Very innovative, Tony!

Check out Tony's DIY batting cage below! 

Small Backyard Batting Cage Full Setup

Backyard Batting Cage with Ball Cart Caddy

Like Tony's batting cage setup? These are the products that he used to build his DIY backyard batting cage!

Chris's Lakeside 70' Batting Cage

And saving the best for last for this monthly feature, one of our customers, Chris, really knocked it out of the park with this one. This has got to be one of the coolest batting cages... ever. And not just because he picked the best batting cage, (mastodon batting cage, hack attack pitching machine, etc.) but also because of the view and that custom bench in front of the batting cage. 

Check out Chris's backyard batting cage setup below!

Mastodon Batting Cage Full View

Mastodon Batting Cage Outdoor Setup

Mastodon Batting Cage with Hack Attack Setup

Based on the pictures they sent over to us, it doesn't look like they were limited on space, so they did it right and went with a 12' H x 14' W x 70' L Mastadon batting cage

This backyard batting cage is perfect for Chris's two sons, ages 14 and 15, and their teammates! Sometimes, their varsity teammates will even crank up the Hack Attack pitching machine to 90 mph and get in some reps. 

The only thing missing is a roof for that bad winter weather! 

To build out this ultimate backyard batting cage, the following products were used: 


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