Weighted Nail Drag for Baseball Fields Close Up View
Weighted Nail Drag for Baseball Fields In Use
Weighted Nail Drag for Baseball Fields

Weighted Nail Drag for Baseball Fields

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Nail Drag Options:

Nail Drag Options

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Adjustable Weight Nail Drag

Experience precise drag depth every time with our redesigned weighted nail drag system. Its balanced and rigid aluminum frame features double nails for enhanced scarification. Attach up to six field weights for desired depth, and easily attach any finish drag to make your job easier.

Enjoy improved stability, strength, and no warping. Achieve a smooth finish with the included 6 field weights. Add more weights to get deeper scars for damaged fields, or take weights off for a lighter pass. Add in a leveling bar, a steel drag mat or a cocoa drag mat for a one pass solution to your infield needs.

Nail Drag Features

  • Enhanced Rigidity and Strength: Our weighted nail drag system features an extruded aluminum piece that encases the plastic lumber, providing better rigidity and eliminating warping issues. Say goodbye to UV exposure and warping problems.
  • Improved Balance and Scarifying: Double the depth with a second double row of nails, offering a broader footprint for level towing and preventing forward or backward leaning. Easily scarify the infield surface in a single pass.
  • Increased Weight Capacity: The drag now includes a third weight post, accommodating up to 9 Field Weights (63 lbs. total). Achieve improved penetration on harder infield skins.
  • Versatile Rear Clip Options: Attach finishing drags like a Flexible Steel Mat Drag or a Cocoa Mat Drag to achieve desired results. The drag offers flexibility for customized infield grooming.
Weighted Nail Drag for Baseball Fields